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lets examine snowflakes

No description

J Kostenbader

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of lets examine snowflakes

all you need to know
lets examine snowflakes by Michael Patras 503
Snowflakes are amazing things snow
is formed when water is in the air and ice can form and crystallize [scientists call it a mineral because it crystallizes].they will form and fall to the ground . fun fact
all snowflakes have six sides

you do have to watch out next time you go out side in the snow.snow can cause snow blindness.it is when you are at a high altitude and the snow reflects
rays into your eyes which makes you blind.you also con get
frost bite
. But if you are careful you will have fun.

my opinion
In my opinion I like snow.
snow is fun to biuld with or throw at people.I actualy took a series of photos where i posed some toys and made them tell a story of an astronaut on a snowy planet.In some cases snow is an importaint part in shows and movies like star wars at the battle of hoth. this is why i like snow
ultravilot light
- a type of light that humans cant see
hypothermya and

- sicknesses
from freezing tempatures
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