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Identifying Argument: Should We Eat Bugs

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Alisha Adams

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Identifying Argument: Should We Eat Bugs

What would you do if you found out that insects are now be included as part of a "balanced diet" and that the school and other public places are going to be including ground insects into food products to increase health and reduce food costs? Would you eat it? Why or why not?
Mustang Minute
January 14, 2015
Identifying Argument
As you watch the video take notes on the worksheet. *The quiz is open note!
Should we eat bugs?
1. How many people eat bugs worldwide?
A: 2 billion
B: 500,000
C: 3 million
D: 75 million
Comprehension Quiz
2. The _________ historically enjoyed beetle larvae.

A: Aboriginal Australians
B: Native Americans
C: The Ancient Greeks
D: The Romans
Comprehension Quiz
3. When did our attitude towards eating bugs begin to change?

A: In the last 100 years
B: Around 10,000 BC
C: 1700
D: 1250 AD
Comprehension Quiz
4. How many different insect species do people eat around the world?

A: 1,500
B: 2,000
C: 750
D: 1 million
Comprehension Quiz
5. Which part of the world currently eats insects the most?

A: Asia
B: The Americas
C: Countries in the tropics
D: The Polar Regions
Comprehension Quiz
6. Some insects are made of up to 80% protein.

A: True
B: False
Comprehension Quiz
Comprehension Quiz
7. List some creative ways for changing people's perceptions of bugs as pests.

*At least 3 complete sentences.
Comprehension Quiz
8. What negative environmental impacts could be associated with foraging for and farming bugs?

*At least 3 complete sentences.
Comprehension Quiz
9. How could insect farming address some of the problems associated with food insecurity?

*At least 3 complete sentences.
Identifying C.R.E.W
Mustang Minute
Jan. 14, 2014
Has your opinion of eating bugs changed at all since watching the video? Why or why not? If you were asked to write a paper
(should not include your opinion) people about the topic of eating bugs what pieces of evidence from the video would you want to focus on? Why would you choose those facts to emphasize?
As we watch the video again:
1. Identify the Claim and 3 reasons (there are more than 3 but you only need to pick 3). Write them onto your sheet.
As we watch the video again:
2. Identify one piece of evidence for EACH of the reasons that you wrote down. What facts/statistics or evidence did the author use to support that reason?
3. Identify the Warrants (how/why does the evidence prove the Claim?) for EACH Reason and piece of Evidence. Ask yourself, "How does _____ evidence prove that entomophagy is good for us?"
4. What is the Counter Argument/Claim? What reasons does the video provide for why people think/feel this way? How does the video prove that this thinking ISN'T correct?

*Remember that we include a Counter Argument/Claim in order to refute it and prove that our claim is the better one to have.
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