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UNI Connect Presentation

Review http://catalogue.uncw.edu/ for most accurate and up to date policy information.

Reed T. Curtis

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of UNI Connect Presentation

Template by Missing Link
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Dare to Soar with
Pre-Reg Information
University Studies
Advisor Role
Advisor Information
Pre-Reg Advising
Your advisor is a significant resource,
meet with them early.
Your advisor is a second opinion.
Come prepared with a planned list of courses so that they can give you feedback.
Questions advisors aren't meant for:
Which class is easiest?
Which professor is easiest?
What days/times should I take this course?
When do I graduate?
During pre-registration advising appointments you will discuss the next semester and will receive your registration pin number.
You must: be on time, bring a written academic plan for the next semester (list of classes and alternatives), and have reviewed your degree audit, major and university studies requirements.
Some major requirements can be found within University Studies.
Academic Questions to Investigate

Majors at UNCW
Over 50 different majors.
Over 60 different minors.
Review program sheets on http://uncw.edu/uc/advising/degrees.html
Review Career Center Resources: http://uncw.edu/career/
Graduation Requirements
University Studies
The "core" requirements every student must fulfill. For the purposes of this example, we are using 48 hours required--this varies.
Major Requirements
Each major has a different set of requirements and the hours required vary widely. Majors that require fewer hours open up the possibility for double majoring and minoring.
Minor(s) or Elective(s)
Minimum of 124 hours to graduate. Must complete all University Studies and major requirements.
*University Studies hour count will vary based on course selection
Minor requirements vary between 18-24 hours. Elective hours depend on how many hours you have left to get to 124.
GPA: most majors require a certain GPA or students must receive certain grades in all major courses.
Note: if you don't do a minor, you must complete a cluster (9-10 hours).
You do not want to graduate with over 140 hours unless you are double majoring.
Are the higher level math courses "doable"? Have I completed them?
What are the necessary pre-requisites? Have I completed them?
Interests and Career Goals
Am I interested in the course content? Will this degree help me pursue a career I desire? Will it prepare me for graduate/professional school?
Academic Plan
Have I explored majors and careers thoroughly? Have I created a detailed academic plan?
Once you have answered these questions and feel comfortable with your decision, you will be able to declare your major(s).
What is the necessary GPA for this major? Have I earned the necessary GPA?
Hours Earned
Full Time vs. Part Time
Full Time
12-18 credit hours.
Part Time
Fewer than 12 credit hours
NOTE: To graduate in four years you must complete an average 31 hours per year. That equals out to around 15-16 hours per semester.
Academic Policies
Academic Status
Each status negatively affects ability to maintain financial aid eligibility. Review Financial Aid Resources: http://uncw.edu/finaid/
Review Academic Catalogue for full details and policies: http://catalogue.uncw.edu/
GPA calculator available on MySeaport under Academics.

Satisfactory Academic Progress
Students must have at least 67% progress towards degree completion or they will be placed on Academic Probation.
Progress towards degree completion is calculated by dividing earned credit hours by attempted credit hours.

Withdrawal Policy
Dean's List
12-14 hours--> 3.5 GPA
15+ hours--> 3.2 GPA

No grade below a B.
Academic Probation
Academic Dismissal
Cumulative GPA is below a 2.0 AND/OR less than 67% progress towards degree
noted on transcript
limited to 14 hours next term
Term GPA below 1.0 in any semester or below 2.0 at the end of spring.
noted on transcript
are dismissed but may return during summer.
Must have a 2.0 (Good Academic Standing) after summer to return in fall.

Withdrawal Passing (W)_
Withdrawal Failing (WF)
Earned if you withdraw before deadline.
Limited to 16 credit hours of "W" withdrawals in academic career.
Does not affect your GPA but will remain on your transcript.
Earned if you withdraw after deadline AND/OR you have already used your 16 hours of "W" withdrawals.
Affects your GPA the same way an F does.

NOTE: Withdraws of any kind may affect your financial aid eligibility. Review Financial Aid Resources: http://uncw.edu/finaid/
Foreign Language
Category requires 3-6 hours
If same language as high school, then must take 201 level or higher (incl. pre-reqs.)
If new language, must take 101 & 102
Take Placement Exam if you wish to continue language from high school (can’t take lower than placed)
Category requires 3 hours
Dependent on major and/or pre-professional/graduate school interests
Can go lower than placed (placed into MAT 151, can take 111)
Placement exam information available at Math Department website
Use math lab.

Who is my advisor?
Look on SeaNet under Registration and Advisor Information. You can also always run a degree-audit.
Schedule an Appointment (if UC student):
Go to UC website and click on Schedule an appointment on the right side of the page. Or visit: http://csbapp.csb.uncw.edu/ucAdvising/default.aspx
To cancel appointment, go to same website more than 24 hours within time of appointment
If you no-show for an appointment, you will have to register for classes late.
Schedule an Appointment (non-UC student):
Communicate with advisor to determine how to set up an appointment.
Degree Audit
An inventory of classes taken.
Go to SeaNet
Click on Student Services & Fin. Aid
Student Records
View Unofficial Transcript
Evaluation of progress towards graduation.
You must run a what-if degree audit for your intended major.
Go to SeaNet
Click on Student Services & Fin. Aid
Student Records
Degree Audit
Follow instructions

Prevents registration, obtaining transcripts and or/diploma until settled.
Check SeaNet to see if you have a hold.
Common errors in SeaNet include:
PRE/CO REQ: you lack the pre or co requisite to register
Must add lecture and lab at the same time. Jot CRN# for lecture and CRN# for lab down and then add in the add/drop boxes. Common with ACG 201 and ACGL 201.
TIME CONFLICT: class chosen conflicts with a current registered class

Not every course uses waitlists.
For those that do, a seat on a wait list does not guarantee a class seat.
You must check your UNCW email often if on waitlist.


Time Tickets
Important Dates
When you are able to register for courses.
Based on credit hours.
Go to SeaNet; Student Serv. & Fin. Aid; Registration; Check your Registration Status; Select Term.
Registration Starts on April 6, 2015 registration date determined by amount of credits earned

If you earn a C- or below in a course at UNCW you can repeat the course.
Grade Replacement
You can replace the grade (C- or below) in the first three classes you choose to repeat during your academic career. The grade you earn the second time you take the course sticks. This gives you an opportunity to improve your GPA.
Last day to withdraw in Spring 2015: February 27th.
Many majors have gateway courses that you must complete and earn a certain grade in before you can move forward.
Athletic Training: ATR 210
Communication Studies: COM 105
Film Studies: FST 200
Exercise Science: BIO 201, CHM 101, and MAT 111 with a C or better in each class and a cumulative GPA of 2.7
Many majors/programs/schools have entry requirements that involve an application process.
Business, Film Studies, Education, Communication Studies, Nursing, and Music.
Send in any missing transcripts or AP scores!
Resources to Use
Academic Records
Academic Transcript:
Information on AP, transfer, UNCW credit and current GPA information can be found on your unofficial academic transcript accessed through http://seanet.uncw.edu/
Degree Audit:
run a degree audit within SeaNet. Use the “what-if” option to select the major you intend to pursue. For instructions on how to run an audit and more visit: http://uncw.edu/reg/degAudit-Stu-FAQs.htm
Academic Success
GPA Calculator:
Use the GPA calculator in SeaPort to calculate a projected semester and cumulative GPA. Or you can calculate it by hand: http://uncw.edu/uc/advising/documents/GPA_Calculation_Worksheet.pdf
is available through the University Learning Center http://www.uncw.edu/ulc
Counseling Center:
support and counseling for stress and depression http://uncw.edu/counseling/
Major Exploration
Research career options based on majors offered at UNCW http://uncw.edu/career/WhatCanIDoWithaMajorIn.html
You can also use the helpful Occupational Outlook Handbook: http://www.bls.gov/ooh/
Go to the Career Center: http://uncw.edu/career/
Academic Plan
Degree Audit:
run a degree audit within SeaNet. Use the “what-if” option to select the major you intend to pursue. For instructions on how to run an audit and more visit: http://uncw.edu/reg/degAudit-Stu-FAQs.htm
Program Sheets:
University studies and major and minor requirements can be reviewed online using University College’s program sheets. Review them here: http://uncw.edu/uc/advising/degrees.html
Course Offerings:
Review what courses will be offered on SeaNet. Choose “Search for Courses” on SeaNet’s main page: https://seanet.uncw.edu/
Placement Tests:
If you haven't taken placement tests, do so before advising.
Math Placement: http://uncw.edu/math/math_students_math_placement_test.html
Foreign Language Placement: http://uncw.edu/fll/FLLPlacementtest.html
UNI Connect Presentation
Spring 2015

The information in this presentation is to be used as a resource. It reflects academic policies for Spring 2015 but is NOT a copy of the official policies. To read the official academic policies and regulations in their entirety, review the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalogue: http://catalogue.uncw.edu/
See: http://uncw.edu/reg/students-tuitionSurch.htm
See: http://uncw.edu/reg/students-FUSS.htm
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