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Arthur Miller, The Crucible, McCarthyism

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English La Quinta del Puente

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of Arthur Miller, The Crucible, McCarthyism

The Crucible
Who is Arthur Miller?
American playwright
One of the best of his time (20th Century
Who is Joseph McCarthy?
The Crucible, Arthur Miller, and McCarthyism
How are they related?
Arthur Miller, The Crucible, & McCarthyism
His Life
Born in 1915 in Harlem, NY
Studied at University of Michigan, then moved back to the East Coast to write plays
Married to Marilyn Monroe for four years
Died in 2005
Famous Works
"All My Sons"
"A View from the Bridge"
"Death of a Salesman" (first big success, Pulitzer Prize and Tony Awards, 1949)
"The Crucible"
Fun Facts
Written in 1953
Allegory about McCarthyism
Got used to the language of the era by spending time in Salem reading old transcripts from the Witch Trials
Mixed reviews after first production, but still won a Tony Award
Turned Salem, MA into a tourist attraction
U.S. Senator (R)
When entered Congress, youngest member of Senate (1946)
Uneventful political career, interested in re-election
Rumors that Communists had infiltrated the U.S. government
McCarthy became more well-known in Congress because of his role in the anti-communist investigations of government officials.
Claimed to be a "patriot and protector of the American ideal"
People said he was on a "witch hunt"
His accusations ruined the lives of many innocent people
McCarthy accused 205 people of being communists and claimed to know of 57 communists in the State Department
36-day televised hearing of accused communists
These hearings showed that he was abusing his authority and claiming to have more power than he really did.
Everyone could see that he had lost all common sense, too.
Stripped of power for behavior “contrary to Senate traditions”
Lavendar Scare:
At the same time as the Red Scare, McCarthy started to attack LGBT communities, saying that these government workers could be blackmailed because of their sexuality.
Government Officials
Innocent Citizens
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