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Ann Sexton

No description

veronica rodriguez

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Ann Sexton

Cinderella : Anne Sexton

Cinderella Poetry:
Anne Sexton starts off with her own twist by comparing Cinderella to other people for example:
"You always read about it the plumber with twelve kids who wins the Irish sweepstakes from toilets to riches."
she compares how Cinderella went from nothing to something in over a night
"The Step Mother"
The step mother can be symbolized as how Cinderella had no freedom at all she was on lock down and this can just relate to how she felt to her fathers death in the quote below
"No Cinderella you have no clothes and you cannot dance"

Anne Sexton
* Lived til she was 46 years old
* Had depression
* Famous poet
* Won the Pulitzer noble prize
* Her poetry was mainly on suicidal/depression
* Her doctor had encouraged her to be a poet
* She is seen as a confessional poet
* Tried many suicide attempts
* Inspired by her thoughts
symbolism is used throughout Cinderella to gain a greater understanding of the poetry by Anne sexton
Cinderella story:
Cinderellas dad had past away when she was younger although he was wealthy when he died everything went to his evil new wife. Cinderella was left with nothing the mom treated her bad as well as the step sisters thus bringing us into a turning point the ball and on the day of the ball the mother refused her to go and while she was in her room her magical grandmother brought her a new dress and glistening gold shoes for her to go. she went and danced with the prince and she left in a rush and dropped her shoe the prince had found her just by her shoe and asked her for her hand in marriage......Happily Ever After
The Gold shoe

One symbol seen throughout the poetry was the glistening gold shoe you can see the shoe as a symbol of
freedom and happiness
the shoe is used to find Cinderella after the prince has seem to fall madly in love with her if it was not for the shoe she would not have been found ended up stuck with her evil family.
Why Is Symbolism Important?
Symbolism- The practice of representing things by symbols meanings to objects events and relations

*symbolism is used when you have no words to show meaning to an object of some sort or even a relationship between people
By Veronica Rodriguez

Question : Why do you think symbolism is important?
This quote depicts on how she had no say i what she does no freedom
"The Twig Tree"
"She had planted a twig tree on her mothers grave and it grew into a tree where a white dove had sat, whenever she wished for anything the dove would drop it like an egg."
This quote can show how the tree/dove is like her mother watching over her.
Anne Sextons Relationships
I believe we can relate the poet to the poetry Sexton might not have gotten the happy ending but sh did have depression and might have felt as if she was on lock down because of her depression just how Cinderella was on lock down because of her step mother
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