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Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

No description

Brian Ruszkowski

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Impress Me Project
By:Dyllon J, Nico K, and Brian R.
Evidence Pt.1
This Evidence was from a Common-Lit Atricle that we turned into an Ace
Evidence Pt.2
By: Nic K.
So What does it Mean You Can Buy Happiness
Well its mean that you can buy something that can create happiness but it doesnt mean you can just go to a store and purchase happiness. When Drew needed a gym to go to and practice at he needed one that was safe and close so he want with the one that his friend owned. That was free and safe or he could of bought a membership to an even closer gym but he would of been taking the risk of not having a good time.
Mike Lupica's True Legend
Can Money Really Buy Happiness
Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

The question is as old as time: can money really buy you happiness? Well, it can if it's an experience. . . In “True Legend” by Mike Lupica, Drew (the main character; one of the school's all-star basketball players) is trying his best so he can get a college scholarship to go on and become a full time NBA Player. The main motivation powering him is to be the best and the way he's doing it is playing basketball; but if he can't play, he's gonna have to pay to buy his happiness. With his happiness defined by being able to play basketball full time, he needs to either make good grades or he needs to pay so he can go to college to be a full time NBA player and be happy.

In ””You Can Buy Happiness if It’s An Experience”it goes over that if it's something you’ll never forget if you ever go to disneyland and you have fun you’ll definitely have happy experience and you’ll have happiness “if you’re wanting to buy the latest iphone, you know exactly how many megapixels the camera on the new phone will have”(Singh para 7).This was pretty much saying how you’ll do all the the research but in the end it's just as good or a little bit better than other phones. This is a feeling of goodness or happiness by getting an object that's high end.So yes,you can buy happiness if its an expirence.
By:Brian R
By:Dyllon J

Nic- “I think money can buy happiness, because you can’t get everyday things for free. For example, buying food makes me happy, like right when I walk into Taco Bell, a smile emerges on my face as i order. So buying everyday things such as videogames, shoes and yes, tacos, makes people happy.”
Brian-I believe money can buy happiness as long as it is an experience or something you'll never forget. If you want something and you really want it like something you’ll use everyday and not like some purple toothbrush for $8.65 i'm talking about doing to something that you normally don't go to unless you have to pay. What i'm trying to say is that there is nothing you can just buy and instantly become happy it's something you aren't gonna forget. That's the only way to “Buy” happiness.
Dyllon- money can't buy you happiness because only friends and family can create happiness not money because it would not be authentic.because you can't just go buy some happiness from wal-mart or target it is something that only other people can create because as of right now happiness can't be bought at a store.

In the video Can Money Buy Happiness? the speaker tells us how humans have an urge to buy things and it is related to the human brain and the need of entertainment or the feeling of “fun”. It is sort of like going to a store and buying anything you want to, like video games for example, people buy them so they can stay entertained in a different way they are familiar with. The speaker says “humans are very sensitive to change”, which is basically saying, that being human, you need new things to feel good or not be bored, which only money can buy because nothing in the world is free.
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