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Media Production Level 2 - Research for a Creative Media Production - Unit 1

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Josh Simeone

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Media Production Level 2 - Research for a Creative Media Production - Unit 1

The Four Research Methods;
Primary Research;
Primary research is communicating with other's for example interviewing someone asking them questions related to the topic, which for us was the Xbox. I interviewed around 5 people and 3 said they preferred PS3 and 2 said Xbox.

Secondary Research;
Secondary research is reading from books, newspapers and internet etc. For example taking information off Wikipedia for research on the Xbox's features. I got some facts about the Xbox on websites like Wikipedia and gaming blogs.
Qualitative Research;
Qualitative research is finding out opinions, attitudes and behaviours for example if you asked someone in a conversational context. When I interviewed the 5 people they gave opinions on Xbox and PS3.
Quantitative Research;
Quantitative research is when you use numbers and figures, for example when you state how many people preferred Xbox to PlayStation. Most of this information was collected from interviewing and using gaming blogs.
The Research Methods I Used;
The research methods I used while researching about Xbox consisted of secondary, qualitative and quantitative, but out of these three methods I used the secondary method the most while doing my research on the Xbox console.
Advantages - Primary Research
* You can get an opinion from the general public.

* You sometimes can get more detailed opinions from someone when you talk in more like a conversation.

* You get honest feedback from random members of the public
Disadvantages - Primary Research
* People might not give detailed feedback.

* Some people might not know much about whatever the product is.

* Some people will have biased opinions.
Advantages - Secondary Research
* The feedback is more trustworthy than more than it is for primary research.

* The information is not biased, can will be mostly accurate.
Disadvantages - Secondary Research
* Sometimes it's not that reliable for research.

* Some of the sources are that provide the information may not be reliable.
Advantages - Qualitative Research
* The information collected will be honest, and someone's actual opinion.

* You can see people's feelings towards the product.
Advantages - Quantitative Research
Disadvantages - Qualitative Research
* Some feelings about the product may be biased.

* Some information collected may be biased.
Disadvantages - Quantitative Research
* Figures & numbers make the information look more reliable when used in adverts.

* Makes the information more easy to understand and gives better ideas on how good the product is.
* Some statistics may have been altered to make the product look better than it is.

* Some people taking the survey for the information may have something to do with the company hosting the survey.
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