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Cynthia Rafael

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Timeline

Westward Expansion Timeline
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
This method was by the second continental congress on July 13 which provided a method for admitting new states to the union.It also listed a bill of rights guaranteed in the territory. Created the Northwest Territory, enabling the United States to expand into the Great Lakes area. States created from the Northwest Territory included Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin
Monroe Doctrine
James Monroe's seventh message to the congress that according to him European powers were obligated to respect the western hemisphere as the United States sphere of interest.He warned to European Powers not to interfere on the affairs of the western hemisphere.(December 2, 1823)
Indian Removal Act(1838)
United states forced Native Americans to live on reservations on the middle of the united states. The congress forced native americans to give up their land and on their way to their new new homes 1/3 of the Cherokee died.
Battle of Antietam (1862)
General Lee marched confederate troops northward into Maryland. Thirty thousand soldiers died in that battle. It was the bloodiest single day in american military history ended in a draw. The unions victory was of strategic importance because it made Britain reluctant to respond to the Souths request of aid.
Battle of Gettysburg
General Lee tried to invade the north again the first three days of July.This battle caused heavy casualties to both sides but the south ended winning the battle. (1869)
Transcontinental Railroad
Governor proposed railroads should cross the entire united states so it can connect the west to the rest of the country(Nebraska-Sacramento).(1869)
Louisiana Purchase (1803)marir
President Jefferson wanted to buy New Orleans to open the ports for trade. James Monroe was sent to Paris to buy New Orleans and return with the Louisiana territory. He bought the Louisiana territory for $15 million. Congress had agreed to only spend $2 million. BUT Jefferson secretly told Monroe to spend $10 million.
Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806)
Compromise of 1850
It was also known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition. It was paid by president Jefferson right after the Louisiana Purchase. The objective objective was to explore the newly acquired territory. They were the first Americans to reach the pacific ocean by land from all across the country. That's why it is called "From sea to shining sea"
Mexican American War (1846)
Texas becomes independent from Mexico. Southerners wanted to acquire Texas as a new slave state. Northerners were concerned that letting texas become part of the union it would start a war with Mexico and it would also raise the south's power. War started in 1846 and it ended in 1848 by signing the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Gave the U.S the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, and parts of Colorado
The compromise of 1850 had 5 components to it creation,Henry Clay introduced this the first one was California was admitted to the union and it did not allow slavery.The 2 one was New Mexico and Utah let people of the territories decide the slavery issue themselves.The 3 one was Slave trade but not slavery was prohibited in District of Columbia.The 4 one was new fugitives slave law made federal marshals capture the fugitive slaves,that ran away from the law.The last one was they argued about the settling borders in Texas and New Mexico. The compromise of 1850 was when 5 bills were passed and it was a confrontation between free state (north) and the slave states(south),where they discussed about the territories obtained by the Mexican American War.
Manifest Destiny O' Sullivan (1839)
Homestead Act (1862)
The homestead act was a program that was made to grant public land to small farmers at a lower rate.This act give 160 acres of land to people that ran the household, for 5 years they had to pay a small fee.This helped small farmers happy.

Missouri Compromise (1820)
The Missouri Compromise was a agreement between Pro slavery and anti slavery,concerning the extension of slavery in American territories. Throughout this there was some legislative compromises made, one was the north part of Massachusetts became Maine Which was a separate free state,and Missouri was admitted to the union as a slave state ,and the Louisiana territory was open to slavery.
The belief that the expansion of the U.S through the American continent was both justified and inevitable. John O'Sullivan stated that America had a mission to establish moral dignity and salvation of men. The mission would help end tyranny

Roughing It
"The Lowest Animal" Mark Twain (1896)
It was a comparison between animals and humans to pint out faults in human nature to disprove Darwin's Theory. It was written in 1896, but it was not published until 1962. Mark Twain states how mankind is immoral vulgar, and wasteful.
Roughing it is a book written by Mark Twain,were he writes about his travels through the Wild West in 1861-1867. It was also about his adventures he took in his early life,it was published in 1869.
War of 1812
Civil War (1861-1865)
Also known as war between the states. Divisions between the free North and the slave holding South erupted into a full-scale conflict after the election of Abraham Lincoln as president in 1860. The south formed their own nation called the Confederate States of America. President Lincoln was forced to declare war Over 600,000 men on both sides died. General Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox Court House in Virginia in the year 1865. The war ended.
In the war of 1812 the United States gained the greatest part of the naval power in the whole world.One of the biggest causes of this war was that british attempted to stop U.S trade.The U.S didn't want that to happen.
Fugitive slave Act (1850)
This act is one of the most conversational acts and this act made slaves return to their owners.Dogs were used to to find runaway fugitive slaves.Also many people feared "Slave Power"
Treaty of Paris 1783
Red River Basin 1818
Florida (1819)
Texas Annexation (1845)
Oregon Territory (1846)
Mexican Cession (1848)

Gadson Purchase (1853)
Alaska (1867)
By: Cynthia Rafael, Lupita Torres and Marisol Torres
Period O
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