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Our Ecosystem.

No description

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Our Ecosystem.

Our Ecosystem!!!!
The 5 life kingdoms.
Our terrarium.
changes in our terrarium.
life cycle of animals and plants.
Biotic and abiotic factors.
Factors involved
Essential question.
The 5 life kingdoms
Monera kingdom
Plant kingdom
Protista kingdom
Animal kingdom
Fungi kingdom
Our Terrarium
We want people know that they can't damage the ecosystems and kill the animals
People need to know that the biotic and abiotic factors interact with any life cycle.
When we didn't put water our terrarium become thirsty.
It grow moss.
It smell bad.
Our plant have a lot of nutrients.
Changes in our terrarium
Fist the caterpillar goes away of the eggs then it eats some leaves then she makes the cocoon and in one month the caterpillar become a butterfly!!!
life cycle of the butterfly
plants Life cycle
First the tree left a seed then it goes down into the soil it rains and the seed grows and get leaves then it grows a little tree and it becomes a big tree with
( Biotic - factor )
Biotic and Abiotic factors

Complete Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly
( Abiotic - factor )
(Abiotic - factor )
Water and soil:because water hydrates soil.
Moss,soil, water:because when water and soil interact in so many time they make moss.
Plants,water and soil:because the seed get into the soil, grows with soil and water so when plant grow it helps our enviroment.
Essential question
Do biotic and abiotic factors helps life cycle?
Can many animals interact with the same ecosystem?
We can say that humans are destroying the ecosystem ,are cutting down the trees and they are killing the animals.And they are deyng so if they die,we are going to die to because some things that produce or have the animals are indispensable to live
our plant is green and beatifull it eats soil
and water it helps the ecosystem and alsow
interact some animals and help us to breath.
Observations of our terrarium
sharin information with our group
www.youtube.com (complete life cycle of the monarch buterfly)
www.youtube.com ( learnd about plants life cycle at www.gudli.com
It is brown, soil is where plants and animals live.
It is green it appears because of the humidity, they are like fungi or like monera and it past to a plant and in the borders of something like our terrarium or in something that is bad
Factors Involved
Water and soil: both factors are biotic ( water and soil ) and the plant both elements produce, biotic
moss,water and soil: the plants are involved because the soil and water help the plants, and moss is bad to the ecosystem.
Plants, water, and soil: All the ecosystem is involved because plants can grow more and more with help of the soil and also they give them nutrients to plants
By: Luz Maria Ardila
Maria Paula Gomez
Federico Sanches
Maria Juliana Forero
Daniel Valderrama
plant life cycle-science lessons 3rd gaders
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