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Hudson county

No description

Karen Simmons

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Hudson county

Hudson County
Hudson County
Today I am going to tell you about Hudson County New Jersey
1. The county colors are

1.Hudson County was createed in 1840.
2. Hudson County is home to 4 Collages, Hudson County Comunity Collage,New Jersey City University, St. Peters Collage, And Stevens Institute of Technology.
3.Hudson County's most famous building is the Hudson County Courthouse.
4.Hudson County's most famous tourist attraction is the Liberty State Park
I hope you enjoyed my prezi
by: Angel Rivera
2. The population is 669,115
3. The area of the county is 46.19 square miles Hudson county is roughly ten times smaller in square miles when compared with Cumberland County
1. http://www.hudsoncountywebsite.com/Hudson_County_New_Jersey_local_history_facts_archive_preservation_records_museum_exhibit_NJ.html
4. Hudson county is the smallest county in New Jersey
6.Hudson County and the Hudson River were both named after the famous explorer Henry Hudson
2. http://www.gardencommunities.com/Properties/NJ/Hudson/hudson-county-information.aspx
5.The Hudson County Department of education leads 13 school districts 12 public high schools, and 13 charter schools
Places to visit in Hudson County
1. Carlos's bake shop
2. Hoboken terminal
3. Weehawken cove
4. Hoboken historical museum
5. Liberty State Park
6. Colgate clock



This is the Colgate clock
3. http://www.jerseycityonline.com/hudson_county/facts.htm
My Recorces
This is Henry Hudson
This is the Liberty State Park
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