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trace Collins

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Football

Team Managers
Manage all of the equipment. if a player has an issue with their equipment the managers try to fix it.
By: Trace C., Elijah L., Seth L., Michelle M.
Their job is to keep the other team from scoring. The defense practices different formations through the week to prepare them for their opponent.
Table of contents
Table of contents
Team managers
Special teams
Special Teams
Coaches/ Refs
Aid/ Health
Help provide funds for the team. Help the team improve equipment. Stakeholders may also pay for food for the players.
Their job is to drive the ball down the field and score. They make plays and practice the plays so that they can execute them in the game.
The special team mostly deals with the kicking aspect of the game. They practice the proper way to cover kicks and punts for the game.
Their job is to make sure that the players understad the game and its rules. The coaches teach the rules and ways to play and the refs enforce the rules.
Their job is to cheer on the team and be polite. the fans give a morale booste to the team when they cheer the team on.
Trainers help enshuere that players are healthy. If a player is injured trainers work to rehabilitate them so the athlete can resume play.
Mrs Wray- Helps explain steps in the project.
Computer- To conduct research, do charts, and Presentation.
Printer- To print out charts and other things
Poster- To aid in the presentation
index cards- To aid the presentation
Team members- To provide ideas and help complete the project.
Graphic organizer- To help lay out the aspects of a football team
Good artist- To make poster
Software- To do the gannt chart and prezi
Paper- To write ideas
Writing utencils- To write with.

Equipment protects players from injry. Some equipment is the Helment, shoulder pads, cleats, mouthpiece,ETC...
All of the jobs within that have to be done all come together cohesively to improve the team. If any one thing fails then the whole operation is affected.
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