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The National Appliance Safety Register

EEESafe's National Appliance Safety Register

Robert Alexander

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of The National Appliance Safety Register

Research in England shows us two key statistics
The average cost of a Fire is £44,523
A single fire fatality costs £1.6m

This presents a strong case that PREVENTION is better than cure.
We continually encourage the following public locations to enter their new and refurbished appliances into our Central Register.
This helps protect people, propertites and tax payers money.

Reuse Centres
Local Authorities and their Reuse Shops
Registered Charities
Housing Associations
The National Appliance Safety Register
For your peace of mind, and without doing a site visit, we can check your products online. We then provide a 24/7 free White Goods Product Recall Monitoring Service for your property.

Local EEESafe Community Repairers will ensure that all
repaired items are entered onto our Register.
This will also help reduce rogue traders on the market.
If you're not concerned enough yet, then watch Dorset Fire Service tell you why Product Recalls are important.
Knowing where Recalls are...
Can help prevent this!
Countless numbers of homeowners, tenants, Landlords and Housing Associations allow uncontrolled entry of New & Refurbished large kitchen appliances into their properties.
We love Reuse! But there's another concern. There is no independent evidence, that items retrieved from the waste stream are not already the subject of a Product Recall. Furthermore there is no evidence that these goods have been repaired by a Registered Competent Appliance Repair Person.
This means people and properties remain at risk of fire from Product Recalled items.

Research shows that the location of 80% of all Recalled Products are currently unknown.
Other Reasons for concern
There is no standard for recognising a Competent Appliance Repair Person.
There are many excellent Electricians in the industry but they are often
not qualified
in Electrical Appliance repairs.
PAT Testing and Function Testing do not mean an appliance is fully safe to use. Depth of knowledge on how Appliances operate is a vital key for safety.
Read our evidence sent to Government

Register your Appliances here:
The Register will also assist EEESafe local Registered Repairers to lower repair costs for their customers and encourage more waste prevention.
All Appliances
that enter our
Local Community Resource Hubs
are placed in the Register. This also promotes a sustainable and circular economy model.
Hubs are about helping each other whilst maximising our local resources. People in Poverty are always looking for Safely Repaired Appliances and many other items.
The Register integrates to our
Community Resource Efficiency Hubs
Remember that New Appliances can become a Recall

Register with us as an independent Standards organisation who won't try and upsell you warranties.
Our Hubs help prevent poverty, getting into debt and
support the local people and local businesses......
All of our Hubs have an embedded EEESafe DAT who could be Trained by us and assessed separately to our Standards.
You can watch a CommunityHubs Presentation here:
The British Standards PAS 141 does not encompass the above, therefore
these items could be a Fire Risk!
Thank you for watching!
Contact us if you require more information

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