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Civil Rights Movement Culminating Task

No description

George Rodriguez

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Civil Rights Movement Culminating Task

Little Rock Nine
The Little Rock Nine were nine black students
who went to an all white school called Little Rock Central High School, hence the name. In 1957 the Little Rock Nine went to Little Rock to integrate it. This was a major point in the civil rights movement because this was the starting of integrated schools. The Little Rock Nine were hated by the white kids and they still stayed there. They showed resilience and without them, most of the kids you see at school with you wouldn't be there. They were important to the cause of civil rights.
Martin Luther King JR.
Undoubtedly, Martin Luther King JR. is the
most famous sign of the civil rights movement. He had many different things that he did-and happened to him-that people remember him by. He had a speech about his dream for the future. Martin Luther King was arrested on multiple accounts and he still kept going on in the movement in spite of this. MLK fought for his rights and that meant having his rights abridged and confiscated unjustly. Without his resilience MLK wouldn't be the famous figure of the civil rights movement he is today.
Freedom Riders
One of the more famous ones was the Freedom Riders.
In class we discussed the video of the Freedom Riders and their many hardships and challenges. The Freedom Riders went through the fires of the southern states- the racist states. Obviously their plan was dangerous and costed many their lives, but they did accomplish it and for their sacrifices we salute them. They fought to change the status quo and they dealt a major blow in the civil rights movement.
MLK'S "I Have A Dream"
Martin Luther King had a way with words that most can't combat. He said a speech at Washington, D.C. on August 28, 1963. He repeated the words "I Have A Dream" to show importance to his dream and this caused others to believe and his dream and to not give up. MLK's dream was going to come true and his speech galvanized the Negroes to fight for it.
John Lewis' Speech
John Lewis was another person who had a great impact on the
people. John Lewis said things like "But what did the federal government do when Albany’s deputy sheriff beat attorney C. B. King and left him half dead? What did the federal government do when local police officials kicked and assaulted the pregnant wife of Slater King, and she lost her baby?" that really stirred up the Negroes against the injustices they suffered. This caused the people to take action and not be indifferent to what was happening to them. He brought the people together and that helped them act together.
Resilience is really important when trying to accomplish something. Without resilience nothing would've been accomplished in the civil rights movement and the world would've been a much darker place. People showed resilience, People talked about standing up to injustices, and other did things that hinted at resilience. No matter what they did they showed resilience and they accomplished their goals.
Civil Rights Movement Culminating Task
Standard RL.1.2
Resilience was needed in the civil rights
movement,without it nothing would've been accomplished. Resilience was the keystone in the arch of the civil rights movement. Resilience was shown everywhere in this movement. Many different people showed resilience in the movement.

Martin Luther King- /www.biography.com/people/martin-luther-king-jr-9365086
Little Rock Nine-http://mlk-kpp01.stanford.edu/index.php/encylcopedia/encylcopedia/enc_little_rock_school_desegregation_1957/
Freedom riders-http://www.pbs.org/wgbh//americanexperience/freedomriders/watch
Many different people
showed resilience and helped the civil rights movement progress. Some of these are

The Freedom Riders,
Little Rock Nine,
and Martin Luther King JR
Many People said things that affected
others and inspired them to act. They used their voices to cause others to stand up for integration. Their voices will be remembered as great leaders.
Info for "MLK's speech"- INB pages13-14
Info for "John Lewis' Speech"- pages given to us by Mrs. Keyes
Many people and wrote speeches in
the Civil Rights Movements, but none
were like MLK's
and John Lewis'.
They both said things to bring the people together against the "Jim Crow" laws. They also helped inspired new leaders to take a stand. They were true heroes who knew how to utilize their voices to a single cause: integration.
Main Idea
Many People used resilience in their actions to change the status quo during times of segregation and injustice
RL 2.5
Many things were written by the fighters of the civil rights movement. The textual structure of these texts contributed to the meaning of them. The writers were specific on how they wrote their works to get their points across.
MLK's Speech
MLK's speech was ridden with descriptive text. He vividly decribed his dream and he used figurative language to make his speech "look better." MLK also uses repetition to emphasize importance to "I have a dream today!" MLK used these text structures to add a meaning of importance and a direness to his speech.
John Lewis' Speech
John Lewis wasn't like MLK. Lewis was more serious and straight-to-the-point than MLK. Lewis used the problem solution text structure in his speech. He used text structure to add a meaning of urgency and seriousness in his speech. John Lewis, like MLK, said specific things for specific reasons.
MLK and John Lewis made great speeches for the same event. They used different text structures in their speeches and they had different meanings in their texts. MLK showed that their struggles were important and dire by using descriptive text, while Lewis showed that an answer for their struggles was urgent and serious by using problem/solution. They used different text structures to get their points across.
Words and specific phrases are used to change the text's tone. Some words can convey positive tones and others can convey negative tones-changing the entire outcome of a text! During the civil rights movement words and phrases were used to help persuade the Negroes to fight for their rights, and that changed the outcome of the civil rights movement.
MLK's speech
In MLK's speech the tone was created through his very specific choice of words. He repeated words like "I have a dream today!" and he also used the alliteration "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!" to convey a new hope for the future. He created a tone of hopefulness to help others feel that there was hope in their situation.
John Lewis' Speech
John Lewis used his words a bit differently than MLK. John Lewis was accusing of the government in his speech. He even had to get rid of some parts of his speech so they could let him speak! John Lewis spoke out against the atrocities by making them known, like when he stated "But what did the federal government do when Albany’s deputy sheriff beat attorney C. B. King and left him half dead? What did the federal government do when local police officials kicked and assaulted the pregnant wife of Slater King, and she lost her baby?" John Lewis was making the government look like criminals and in some ways they were! John Lewis spoke out and accomplished something. People noticed this and they decided to speak out as well.
MLK and John Lewis used specific words and phrases to get their points acrross in different ways. MLK used similes and metaphors while John Lewis used anecdotes and real life examples. Even though their tones and messages were different they both came out clear due to their specific use of words and phrases.
To change the status quo in the 60s, people had to see the world in different ways then what was already established in America. Many of the Negroes were prosecuted for really unfair things at this time, but not everyone saw that these things had to be.
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther king was one of the faces of the civil rights movement. He stood by the movement until the bitter end. MLK saw that the things that were happening to him, and the Negroes, had a hope for change. After his speech he convinced the Negroes that there was hope. MLK always saw the good in the worst of times and he helped others do that too. MLK had a hopeful view of their situation that was contagious and it spread fast.
Little Rock Nine
The little Rock Nine went to an all whites school. To them, they thought this was right, but not everyone agreed. The Little rock Nine thought that Whites and Blacks should be together, which was almost unheard of at the time! They saw the world in a different manner and they made a great change.
Many people see the world in different ways. The people who see the world differently than most are the ones who make a difference in this world. They have to have vision and be willing to change the world. Then they take action . The Little Rock Nine and Martin Luther King are just ten of the vast amount of people who have made a difference on Earth and they deserve credit for their actions.
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