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University of Kentucky Event Management

No description

Ashley Casteel

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of University of Kentucky Event Management

University of Kentucky Student Center
How do I make a reservation?
Miss Something?
Virtual EMS
Event Management Office
Virtual EMS
The Student Center Event Management Office Reserves....
Using Virtual EMS
EMS will find rooms that
meet your criteria.
Virtual EMS Address:
Bookmark This Site.
Event Management
Only UK Departments and the president, vice president and/or treasurer of a Registered Student Organization may request a Virtual EMS account.

To reserve the ballroom you must contact the Event Management Office.
Student Center
Memorial Hall
Outdoor Spaces
Football Tailgate
That's okay! Contact these great people....
Don't have an Account? Create one! Click on "My Account" and Request one!
Log In
Click + to request room
The best people you will ever meet:
Ashley Casteel
E: ashley.casteel@uky.edu
P: 859-257-5781

Hannah Centers
E: hannah.centers@uky.edu
P: 859-257-5781
Not a candidate for Virtual EMS but want to make a request?

is an online feature that allows individuals to seek real-time space availability that can be requested through a web-based system.
Yes, we need more details. Give us your
A/V and equipment needs.
click to request your space
Wait until the Event Management Office sends you a confirmation letter before advertising your event.
You should receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours.
Edit Reservation
Edit Booking
Edit Services
You can edit your event up to 2 business days!
Click here to edit your booking
Click here to edit services
Add more bookings!
Cancel if you need to!
Edit event details
Outdoor Requests may take longer. If you have questions, please contact:
Ashley Casteel and/or Hannah Centers
Student Center Event Management Office
We Hope you have a great Event! If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us!
No Problem!
Banquet Style
Classroom Style
Closed Conference
Open Conference
What set-up works best for you?
Set-Up Types
Click Here.
Find your reservation.
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