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Background U.S.S. Maine

Background for the Primary Document Assignment "What Sank the U.S.S. Maine?"

Dan Jensen

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Background U.S.S. Maine

Background of the Sinking
of the U.S.S. Maine (1898) Havana, Cuba,
February, 1898 The Sinking of the U.S.S. Maine Havana Harbor (Cuba), 1898 The Dealio for x October, 2012 1) Bell-Ringer: Yellow-Journalism
2) Background for the U.S.S. Maine
- What was the U.S.S. Maine?
- Why was it in Havana, Cuba?
- The U.S.S. Maine Sinks . . . Why? When a clock is hungry . . . Does it go back 4 seconds? Why Was the U.S.S. Maine
anchored in Havana, Cuba? Why was the U.S.S. Maine at Cuba? Sending a message to Spain: Watch your step in Cuba! 15 February, 1898, 9:40 pm . . . A sudden explosion sinks
the Maine, killing 240+ Yellow Journalism Fuels the Rage Against Spain Hearst Newspaper Headline #1 Hearst Newspaper Headline #2 Bell-Ringer: The Year: 1898 -
a) What was
Yellow Journalism
b) What was the
purpose of YJ
c) How might YJ
make a controversial
situation worse? "Remember the Maine" What Caused the Maine to Sink? Did Spain Sink the
Maine, or was it a
horrible accident? Page 22: The Sinking of the Maine

Imperialism: A nation expands it influence beyond it borders

Imperialism Guess Who Likes Politics This Election Year!!!!!!(!)!!!!!!!!
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