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4.02 Components of Blood

No description

marissa brown

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of 4.02 Components of Blood

Part 1
1. What does it mean that Nikoleta is in the 10th percentile for both length and weight? Is that a desirable statistic if she was in the 50th percentile at birth?  When she entered the 10 th percentile I noticed she gained weighted got taller on the chart. Yes, that is more normal.

2. What are the symptoms of anemia?  The symptoms of anemia was malaise, exhausted, heart rate increase.

3. Why did the parents change Nikoleta’s formula to a high iron baby formula?  Nikoleta’s formula changed because she had low iron, so they thought by changing the formula it would increase her iron level to make her feel better
Part 2
7. Would a picture of Mr. Stamos’ red blood cells look like Nikoleta’s red blood cells? Why? They would look similiar because, Nikoleta has a form of genetic anemia. Which means she was got it from on eor both of her parents. Mr. Stamos is her father and has given her this trait

8. What is erythroblastic anemia? Erythoblastic anemia is when your red blood cells are not shaped properly and have differnt color. This means they cannot function properly and carry oxygen the way they need to.

Part 3
9. What are the general features of Cooley’s anemia? Nikoleta’s beta
proteins don’t function correctly. You need two forms hemogoblin to work properly to carry oxygen throught the body. Alpha and beta. Nikoleta only has one.

10.What is the structure of hemoglobin and how is oxygen bound to it? The structure of hemogoblin is split into two parts. Both parts have to be working for the oxygen to be distributed.

11.If you were the genetic counselor, what would you suggest to Mr. and Mrs. Stamos concerning having more
children? Why? If I were the gentic conselor, I would tell Mr. and Mrs. Stamos should be careful if they decide to have more children. They should know all the risks and gentic illnesses they could pass down to their children.
Part 2
4. What components should be in a normal blood sample? What is the function of each of these components?  The components should be in a normal sample are the following; white blood cells, red blood cells, and the Platelet. The function of the components protect the body from infections and clears metabolic waste from tissues organs
4.02 Components of Blood
BY:Marissa Brown
Anatomy and Physiology

5. Are the lab results of the blood sample normal? Which values are normal and which are not? No, the lab results are not normal. Nikoleta's red blood cells are light pink and they are smaller thsn the the average red blood cell. The average red blood cell should be a bit bigger and red.

6. Why was an analysis of Mr. and Mrs. Stamos’ blood ordered? An analysis was ordered because sometimes disorders
like anemia can have a genetic basis.

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