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The Power of Conflict and Character

No description

Gelo Zaragosa

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of The Power of Conflict and Character

The Power of Conflict and Character
How Odin Lost His Eye
How did the character succeed over his challenge? What did he learn from the experience?
He overcome his challenges by weighing things up. Its either he'll choose his own happiness or he will sacrifice it for his people's safety.
Consider Odin's desire.
Does it serve as an opportunity to prove he can face his challenge?
Yes, because he has the will, determination and courage to face everything for the sake of
his people.
Yes because he sacrifice his own happiness for the sake of his people.
Does he think only of himself or other people? Why does he think that way?
He thinks of others more than himself because he loves his world that he
would do anything to save them.
What internal conflict has Odin experienced as he faced Mimir?
Duty to his son
"Odin thought of his handsome son, Balder, whom he lived most in the world. To give up his son would be like giving up life band all that was wonderful around him."
Duty to his people
"One eye was a small sacrifice to win knowledge of how to help them."

Do you consider Odin as a hero? Why or why not?
Was there a change in his actions, thoughts, feelings, and attitude, or did he remain the same 'til the end?
We think that he remains exactly who he was because the challenge that left him a lesson about sacrificing one of your most precious valuable thing for the greater good.
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