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Meg Whitman Prezi

Leadership Development Spring 2013

Kenny Lu

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Meg Whitman Prezi

Women hold only 4.2% of Fortune 500 CEOs today

"The price of inaction would be far greater than the cost of making a mistake"

eBay -- 'Queen of the online flea market' grew eBay from $4 Million $8 billion revenue

Bias towards action - from her mom maybe?

No difference between male and female leadership development Taking Lead Why Meg Whitman? World Class Leader a.k.a. "The Persuader"

In the fixer-upper business

Aggressive style of leadership will not take "NO" for an answer

Value employees as the foundation of strong management

........I'm a fighter, not a lover Meg Whitman Good Morning America!! Mentors Vision & Values Julius Ekeroma
Min Fei Kenny Lu
Mike McCarter
Jayleen Roman
Roberto Valles Meg Whitman Leadership Development Spring 2013 Mentors
Her Mom and Mitt Romney
Approach their challenges with optimism, openess & discipline
Influence rather than force
Consistent "Focused on her customers"
Trust, authenticity, courage, clarity and teamwork
"We don't need to invent values. The Community already has values and we need ourselves with their values or it's not going to work"
"What's the right thing to do?" More self awareness
Delivery/style matters
More Humility
Show Vulnerability
Get creative! Coaching Points Potential Meg's Leadership Dashboard Thank You
Q&A Transacto-Meter Self Awareness
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