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RFL Architecture September 2013

No description

Academic Services Librarian

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of RFL Architecture September 2013

Avery Hill Campus Library
Monday-Thursday 8.30am-9pm
Friday 8.30-am-7pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am-5pm
Mansion Lab
Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Fry Lab
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
To use this....
... you need this
Finding your books
How many?
How long?
Reserve books
Self Service
Overdue books and fines
Renew books
Silent Zone
Quiet Zone
16 books and DVDs
when they're on loan
when they're at another site
... to issue and return books
Receipt tells you when they are due
30p per day [4 week loans]
50p per day [7 day loans]
Account suspended at £20
Return and Renew books on time to avoid fines!
it's easy!
More than just books
When you've logged in...
Saving your work
Printing & Photocopying
Student Portal
How to log in to the Portal
Finding your way around
Library & Computing
Help desks
Student Support Centre
Portal Support Request Form
We're here to support
your learning

Opening Hours
Midnight opening from October!
Log into the Network with your username and password
Logging into a student PC
G drive 100mb
Colour and b/w printing in Library & Labs
Mono printing
A4 5p per page A3 10p per page
Don't forget to logout
Keeps all your work secure
Exit the Portal
Exit the Network
Group Zone
Enjoy Wifi across Campus
Use one of our Netbooks
This is Mansion Building
Turn right for the library
Turn left for Mansion Lab
Avery Hill Library
Fry Lab
Mansion Lab
...and head to Southwood site for Fry lab - 1st floor Fry Building
Portal Support Request Form
Mansion Lab and Fry Lab
Avery Hill Library
Children and young people access to library Marble Hall only
Library pages
1-1 support
Information & Learning Services
...you will see the desktop
What's available?
Click on All Programs /Applications for specialist software
USB key
Colour and b/w photocopying in the Library
Start menu icon
28 days
7 days
14 days if you're P/T
Thanks for listening and see you soon!
Please scan
Have you seen our
video tutorials?
New tutorials being added
View again anytime
Easy to use
Play, Pause, Replay
New help for databases and e-journals
Available online 24/7
E-Resource Guides on Portal
Video tutorials
Forgotten your password?
Library & Computing tab
Read at home
Available 24/7
Print & Download
£200 for you to spend on text books and learning resources
For all new F/T EU undergraduate students
Aspire scheme
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