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Claudia Ubando

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Sodium

Sodium Atomic Structure Nuclear Structure FACTS Uses of Element Atomic #11
Molar mass: 22.989770 g/mol
# of neutrons: 12
# of protons: 11
Chemical Notation: 23Na
Metal (alkali metal)
Atomic Radius: 144.4 pm
Sodium is found in :
fruits and vegetables HISTORY Sodium was discovered in 1806 in England. Sodium was dicovered by a British scientist named Humphry Davy. he was the first one to ever isolate sodium from sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Since Sodium is not found in it's isolated form, he isolated it by electrolysis of dried sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which had been very slightly moisten his solution was powered by three large batteries he had built. Density: 0.97 grams per cubic centimeter
Melting point: 97.72 C
Boiling point: 883 C
Ionization Enery:5.139 eV
Electronegavity: 0.93
Cont. Compounds containing element Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Peroxide
Sodium azide
Sodium hydrosulfide
Sodium Oxalate
Sodium Cyanide
Sodium Chlorate
Sodium carbonate
•Sodium Bicarbonate There are over 31 compounds containing Sodium Ionization As a metal, it is soft, light, and easy to manipulate. Sodium is also used to make vapor lamps, which are used in street lights.
Sodium is also used to make vapor lamps, which are used in street lights.
Sodium is needed for muscle contractions, nerve transmissions,and hydration.
It is found in the sun and many other stars.
It is the 6th most abundant element on Earth
A soft, light, extremely malleable silver-white metallic element that reacts explosively with water Sources http://www.facts-about.org.uk/science-element-sodim.htm
http://www.chemicool.com/elements/sodium.html Claudia U.
Jasmine R.
Ashley S. Sodium compounds are used in glass, soap, paper, textile, chemical, petroleum and metal industries. I would tell you guys a joke about sodium and oxygen but ... Na http://pt.chemicalstore.com/Na%20-%20Sodium.html Isotopes: Thirteen isotopes of sodium are recognized.
The only stable isotope is Na-23.
Sodium has two radioactive cosmogenic isotopes, Na-22 and Na-24.
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