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Event Driven Programming

No description

Becky Greenfield

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Event Driven Programming

By Rebecca Greenfield Event Driven Programming What is it?.. Service Oriented Time Driven Code that runs when a event occurs.
E.g. plugging in a USB into your computer, the computer automatically installs the device. Meaning it is service oriented. When a user receives an email and
code is sent to notify them E.g. Flashing/Vibrating Mobile. This can run several services in
parallel. Code which runs at a set time E.g. every second,hour or day.. Examples: - Scanning for viruses can be done every second, every hour , every day or every month etc. - Updates may be searched for on specific dates instead of being scanned for every single day. If it can't find an update it will wait for the next specific date to scan. The code will only run when a trigger
occurs Event Handlers Examples: When a user clicks on a button , this will trigger the event handle for the button clicked and then run the attached code
for that button 12034547 The code is controlled by the computers clock. Most programs run with controls
e.g. label, button or check box. Trigger Functions Trigger functions are used in event driven programming languages, they select which event handler to run depending on which event happened An event triggers the specific
event handler Every object has a variety of trigger functions There are a lot of events that can trigger the event handlers to operate. Events Examples: -Mouse which does left click, double left click, right click and double right click -Keyboard, which includes events
such as key press, key down and key up -HTML, this is where you click on an object
which may connected to a linked website. -Form/ User interface, the user interface involves
anything the user does with a graphical user interface
operating system or what the user does to a form on
a recent running program Simplicity of programming Event driven programming
languages might make
programming a lot more simple compared to usual flow
driven languages because
it is very visual Program development can be a lot easier with an event driven language, because the programmer only
has to work on one event at a time. Ease of development Flow driven languages need to be practically complete
before they can work and be tested, although an event driven language will run with as little as only the code
for one event completed. This presentation is about
- Service Oriented
-Time Driven
-Event Handlers
-Trigger Functions
-Events such as, mouse,
keyboard, forms and
external events Event driven programming languages need event loops built into them. These event loops
are required to keep testing the users interface
to notice whether anything has happened E.g.
clicking on a button. The appropriate event handler will run a code after the event is detected and it has passed to the trigger functions.
Event Loops http://tangentsoft.net/palmfaq/articles/tutorial/ http://ehackworld.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/install-windows-7-from-usb-drive.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/the-lay-scientist/2010/nov/15/3 http://blog.uattend.com/how-can-i-avoid-buddy-punching/ http://world-of-programmer.blogspot.co.uk/2010/05/perbedaan-antara-checkbox-dan-radio.html http://rockingcode.com/plugin/ezmark-jquery-checkbox-radiobutton/ http://www.prlog.org/10201796-find-pianostyle-keyboard-emprex-wifi-desktop-mouse-keyboard-6301urf.html THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Something, like a button, can be
put onto a form from a
tool box very easily. When its on
a form the programmer can then
see it and then choose whether to
see the properties. http://weblogs.asp.net/visualwebgui/archive/2008/02/06/how-to-turn-simplicity-in-programming-line-of-business-ajax-into-productivity-and-now-the-demo.aspx Examples: Operating systems on personal PC's are event
Peripheral devices such as keyboard when a
key is pressed are one of many events that are
sent to an operating system for handling. Disadvantages: A Disadvantage with event driven languages is that it can be slow.
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