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Community Spirit - Lesson 10

Activity 1: Audio Clip

ICT Mayfield

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Community Spirit - Lesson 10

Community Spirit: Activity 1: Audio Clip
Lesson 10
Listen to the following audio clips, evaluate them:
P:\ET days 2011-2012\IT and Business
You are working on Controlled Assessed Coursework which is worth 60% of your final GCSE Grade. The CA is about 'Community Spirit'. You will produce a range of digital products for the CA, ranging from Audio Clips to e-Newsletters. Your final coursework is due Easter 2013.
By the end of this task you will be able to:
List the requirements of the audio clip
Plan the audio clip and the script for it
Create the audio clip and export it
Evaluate the Audio Clip
audio clip
must meet the criteria as stated in the CAB.

The audio clip must:
last approximately 25 seconds
introduce 'Community Spirit'
include a 'save the date' announcement about the first event.
INPUT: Success Criteria
You will need to create a plan for your audio clip before you begin to gather and prepare your content.
Task 1:
Create a plan for your audio clip. Complete the timeline and write a script for any voiceover's you may have.
ACTIVITY: Audio Clip Timeline
Review your peers work;
Provide 2 strengths and
2 Next's for next lesson
1. Record your voice.
2. Prepare your soundtracks.
3. Create your audio clip in Audacity.
4. Update your sources table to include all your sound tracks, voice overs etc.
WAV - uncompressed format commonly used on a PC. Better quality, but with a large file size.
MP3 - common format for digital music players. It is compressed, which results in loss of quality (though usually undetected by the listener), but has a much smaller file size.
INPUT: Gathering & preparing Content
For this task you may wish to include appropriate sound effects or a soundtrack. Gather and prepare the content for your audio clip.
.WAV vs .MP3
You can use soundation.com to prepare sound effects for your project or record your own. After the audio is sourced it may need to be edited and then exported as a playable file.
Additional Requirements
Ask for feedback from your teacher and test buddy. Make changes if necessary.
Check that your sources table is up-to-date.
Save your finished audio clip in your Activity1 folder.
Answer the questions about your audio clip in your Activity 1 review.
You can use audio software to edit and improve audio files by:
copying and pasting
mixing, which is editing two or more sound files together
silencing, which is removing unwanted silences or background noises
special effects such as fade-in, fade-out, echo, amplify
Audio software
You can capture your own audio using amicrophone attached to your computer or an external audio recorder.
Capturing audio
Have a listen to the podcast that accompanies this example script here:
P:\ICT\6. GCSE ICT\GCSE 2012 - Community Spirit\Student Resources\Activity 1\Audio Clip
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