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No description

Lina So

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Discrimination

Table of contents
Our definitions
1. Types of discrimination - Causes of discrimination

2. Discrimination in the workplace: Muslims in Germany

3. How to prevent discrimination as a manager

4. How to deal with discrimination as an employee

5. Respectful cooperation - Bremen

6. Discussion
in the workplace !
How to prevent discrimination as a manager
A good example

Voluntary Agreement
"Respectful Cooperation"
the work council and the employer at the
Steel Company Bremen
Follow the law

Germany: General Equal Treatment Act of 2006

Give employees the right to claim legally against employers

Hiring a diverse group of employees

Employees learn to understand other cultures
Educate management
Ensure that discrimination is stopped in all departments

Offer participation in seminars and sensitivity workshops

Evaluate employee needs
Talk to employees and get feedback

Employees begin to feel respected and valued
How to deal with discrimination as an employee
Make your employer aware
Keep a diary
Prove your case
Review the law
Contact a lawyer
Discrimination in the workplace:
Muslims in Germany
In job-interview context: lower level of qualification and lower productivity

Fear of financial losses

Empirical study - Higher qualified job
“Skilled German Muslims
held back by stereotypes”
Women wearing a
headscarf fell especially
excluded from the job market
Types of discrimination
Racial discrimination
Gender discrimination
Ethnic discrimination
Religious discrimination
Unjustified or incorrect attitude towards an individual based on the individual's membership of a social group
Behavior or actions towards an individual especially on the basis of sex and race f.e.
4th December, 2014 10:15 am
I was standing by the copy machine on 3rd floor when Sandra Osterrieder (supervisor) said: "I hope you realize that I won't have to put up with an old goat like you for much longer, because as soon as you turn 60 I'm going to fire you."
Nils Reetz and Julian Wahlers (coworkers) overheard the conversation.
"Everyone is a little bit responsible for herself/himself when it comes to discrimination!"
Kim, Claudia, Ferhat, Lina
Conforming behaviors
Group closure
Conflict theory
Causes of discrimination
9 % of the workforce
Most frequent reason: Age discrimination
Consequence: Increases health issues; slows productivity
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