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Ashish Mehta

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Superstitions

Superstitions In India
An unwanted existence?
Type One - Hysterical
Superstition - An irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear of God or Evil.
Reason for existence in India, religion.
People follow several Superstitions to avoid problems in life.
India has been a country known for its customs and traditions.
Excess belief in luck.
Placebo Effect.
Education fails in front of superstitions.
Daily practises by our ancestors as now followed as rituals.
Type Three - Blemish
These are the main issues. Cruelty to animals and humans is one of the major problems caused by superstitions.

Type Two - Supernatural
These are the ones that have been controversies over many years. They are stated as sciences, but one can refuse to believe its methodologies.
Presented by:
Akash Sharma
Amit Galav
Ashish Mehta
Ishita Saxena
Latesh Shetty
Pooja Sakhala

To: Ms. Silpy Gupta
Date: 02/09/2013

Survey Stats
Such superstitions are believed to be made out of only one time events. Indian rituals, weddings, and minor ones, that we can have a laugh about.

One should not sweep after dark .
One should not pluck leaves, flowers of trees after dark.
One should not sleep with the feet towards the South, as it is considered a sign of disrespect to the elders.
One should never look at the sun when it is eclipsed.
Rituals and Weddings
Why is a coconut offered in a prayer?
7 Rounds in the wedding.

Spill the milk .
Curb your creative instincts.
Lenders and borrowers.
Match your earings.
Let the kaleerein fall.
Good and bad sights.
Let it rain.
Flaunt your cooking skills.
Don’t light candles.
Hit the couple.

A Few Examples
Black Magic
•The victim’s clothes, hair, nails etc are used in these practices.
•Reason behind black magic.
•On the other hand people work very little, but get too much in return.
Victim would like to be aloof and alone always
Will be annoyed and irritated always.
Nails will turn black.
Shoulders and head pain will be regular. etc.
• Vastushastra is a ‘science of nature’.
• Vastushastra is the traditional Indian system of architecture and design of vedic origin.
• Five elements are earth (geomagnetic energy), water(gravitational energy), fire (solar energy), air (wind energy) and space (cosmic radiation).
• The basis of the pseudo-science is the eight

Considered to be a science, this part of superstition is almost of every individual’s mind.
One believes to rely on Astrology to know about the goods and bads in their life.
Newspaper columns.
Hindu marriages.
Tarot cards, Numerology, and lot more adding to the list.
Change of name, Lucky charm, wearing costly stones, etc.

Child Sacrifice Cases
Malda - 2012
Police averted the child sacrificing at Malda village in November 2012.
Four accused were arrested and fifth fled.
They were performing a yagna to sacrifice child to unearth gold.
Hingoli - 2010
Five kid’s were sacrificed in Maharashtra. Age group 4 -12.
Four culprits were arrested including three women.
One woman named Vandana trying to sacrifice 11 children so she can gave birth to her own child.
Articles such as ash, black thread, unknown poisonous substances and some herbs were recovered.
Vandana is believed to have fed the children with poisonous herbs before sacrificing them.

Animal Sacrifice
Sacrifice means to make something sacred by giving it to God.
Rituals and culture followed by all religions which takes animal life.
Slaying of a goat on the occasion of id–ul-zuha.
Awakening against the social evil.
Organisations and committees trying to curb it are: PAWS (Plants and Animal Welfare Society) BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty).
Maharashtra Andh Shraddha Nirmoolan Samiti or Committee for Eradication of Blind Faith
An initiative by Dr. Narendra Dabholkar 20 years ago.
He was murdered due to his active involvement against superstitious activities.
Establishments in each state with a different names.
Mr. Avinash Patil, his co-social-worker, gave several insights about present scenario of superstitions and their activities to spread awareness against them.
Recent approval of the anti-black magic bill.
Monthly magazine called "Thought & Action".
Mumbai Vasthu-ed
•Mumbai, a rich port has a water body to its North – East.
•All major lakes for drinking water are situated in the North-East direction of Mumbai.
•It has an atomic plant representing Agni (Fire) in the south east of the Mumbai.
•It has more ocean in the West, the
perfect location for Vayu (Air).
• India has the Himalayas in the North of the country which is against vastu, thus there is lot of poverty in the country.
Questionnaire Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1WkA7eSiWe25_L0zXIeo3Lu5yhKUZFmHycFDlePYu8qo/viewform

Questions Asked:
Are you a follower of certain superstitions?

Does your family follow any superstitions?

If yes, mention a few, else write NA.

Name a few superstitions that you follow?

What according to you, is the reason that makes people follow superstitions?

One superstition that you feel needs to be abolished from our country?

Superstitions are a major reason for India being a backward nation.

Skin Branding
Skin branding :Human branding is the process in which a mark is burned into the skin of a living person.

It is symbolized as treatment for many diseases and supernatural agents.

There is a chance of getting infected with HIV and Hepatitis B.
Thank You!
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