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Juan Luis Zabala

on 5 May 2013

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Organization and Organizational Structure Organizational Framework Line Structure for staffing Organization group of individuals joined together
to achieve an objective Organizational
Structure results from the organizing process and is the system of relations, both formally prescribed and informally developed restructuring or reorganization change of organization's structure Types of Organizational
Structures Line Structure Line and Staff
Structure Matrix
Structure Team
Structure top to bottom authority common among small companies Line and Staff Structure other employees are hired to help line managers perform activities they cannot advise assist support Matrix Organization employees from different departments converge to do temporary works and projects flexible and quick response Team Structure skillful people converge dynamic beliefs less decision making for
senior managers project v.s. task flat tall small number of levels broad span of management job satisfaction more delegation increased communication many levels small span power is centralized more control better performance Factors Affecting
Organizational Structure size nature
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