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Surianim Azmi

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of PREPOSITION

*Def : is a short word which is usually placed BEFORE a noun/pronoun to show how the noun/pronoun is related to some other word of the sentence.

*Is shows a relationship between its object & other words in the sentence.

1. Place
2. Direction
3. Time Preposition (Kata Sendi) Time & Date Place & Position show : spatial RELATIONSHIP/ LOCATION

Eg : The book is on the table

on ; shows the spatial relationship between the book & the table Direction 1. The flower vase is on/by/beside/near/under the table

2. The old man sitting behind/in front of/beside/near/opposite his grandchildren

3. Haikal is in/inside/outside/in front of/behind/underneath/on top of the bus.

4. The girls walked across/around/under/down/up/ over/through/on the park.

others preposition of place refer to page 109....:) PLACE & POSITION DATE & TIME Please make sure that you arrive at/by/before/after 10 o'clock

1. At : at exactly / precisely 10 o'clock
2. By : not later than 10 o'clock Direction The cat into/out of/toward the building

1. In : refer to PLACE/POSITION
eg ; The Prime Minister is in his office now.

2. Into : refer to MOTION/ACTION (although in is used interchangeably with into situation of this kind

eg; I saw her going into (in) the direction's office yesterday. http://www.perfect-english-grammar.com/verbs-and-prepositions-exercise-1.html http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/prepositions used to show RELATIONSHIP Show : direction of SOMETHING / a PLACE

eg : The old man walks towards the little girl

toward ; show the direction the old man is going that is to the girl. IN--ON
In ----- beneath the surface
On ----- touching on surface

eg : There is a curry spot on my dress and moth hole in the jumper.

On ----- the name of the street
At -----the house number & the name street

eg : Sharifah lives on Jalan Sasigaran.
Ainon lives at Lot 407, Jalan suka.

In---location within house, building, city & so forth

eg : I'll meet you at the lecture hall

In (location within a country)
eg : They own a house in Langkawi Island

In (refer to cities)
eg : The students lives in Ipoh, Perak

At (refer to the arrival of a train & so forth)
eg : The train will arrive at Hadyai at 4.30 a.m 1. At
eg : The rugby game will start at 5 pm
2. by
eg : Try to be at the airport by 10 O'clock
3. in
eg : The commuter will arrive in half an hour.
4. on
eg : Ellen's birthday is on October 23.
5. for, during, since
eg : *We stayed in Paris for a week
*The couple saw each other often
during the long break.
*I have been working since the
year 2000.
6. after, before
eg : * Call me again after 4 pm
* My father always gets home
before 6 pm

other preposition refer to page 115... Show : an exact /particular time

eg : There is faculty meeting at 3 pm this afternoon

at ; show the exact when the meeting is going to happen.
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