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Top Ten Thing to Know About Ms. Lusk

Teacher Information

Pam Lusk

on 29 August 2011

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Transcript of Top Ten Thing to Know About Ms. Lusk

1.Ms. Lusk is her "teacher name." Her birth name is Pamela Jo Lusk. She is called Pam by her family and friends. 3. Pam is a single parent who believes her family should always come first. She is a mother to Chadwick Joseph Lusk, a mother in-law to Whitney Caudill Lusk, and a "MaMaw" to Peyton Emily Lusk. 2. Pam is a very family oriented person; she is a daughter of Billy "Joe" Lusk and the late Ellen "Emilie" Lusk. She has two sisters Patsy Jean Tilley who is married to Ted Tilley, and Peggy Jeanette Toler who is married to Mark Toler. Notice the Initials in the three sisters name. LOL!!!!! 4. She is a Christian, and member of The Lacoma Baptist Church at Cyclone, West Virginia where she teaches Sunday School and Children's Church. 5. Pam graduated from Man High School in 1975 and received a BA and Master's Degree from Marshall University. GO HERD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6. This lady is also able to maintain your hairstlye; she is a licensed cosmetologist (beautician). Pam did not like this profession, so she decided to go back and obtain a degree in education where hopefully she will stay until she retires to enjoy her golden years. Pam enjoys spening time with her pride and joy, Peyton Pam loves her teaching job at Man High School!!!! Pam loves her teaching job!!!!! Pam is also looking forward to retiring at her future lake house!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmm I have I am
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