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Earth Hour

Flick off the switch and help participate!

Spotted Pelt

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Earth Hour

Earth Hour! Did you know that Earth Hour started in Sydney Australia in 2007? Over 1000 companies participated and the bestest thing of all, all of Australia partcipated to! Did you know that last year we saved about 32.92 mega watts from flicking off the switch!? Here is some videos for you to watch! Earth Hour 2008! Earth Hour 2009 Earth hour 2010 Earth hour 2011! On March 21st turn off
a light and stop global warming! Why does Earth Hour help
to stop global warming
you ask? In 2008 Sydney Australia flicked off the
switch then it went global! How Earth Hour helps to stop
global warming is becuase all
of the gases and other
things like car exhaust is causing
the world to pollute not to mention
losing our atmosphere! There is already a big hole in it! Heres some pictures about earth hour!:) And you can participate
too! Just flick off a light switch on March 26 at 8:30pm and you'll be doing something extravagantic for the environment, friends, family, and you too! We have the power, to
partcipate in Earth Hour!:) Its so easy a cat can do it! A dog can do it too!(1:13) Heres a song for earth hour! We r the world!
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