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History of the Computer

No description

Laetitia Fernandez

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of History of the Computer

Timeline This year 2013 Retina Mac book Pro is released In 1837 Charles Babbage proposed the first general mechanical computer, the Analytical Engine In 1942 John Atanasoff and Clifford berry made the ABC computer, the first digital computer In 1976 Apple I, II & TRS-80 & Commodore Pet computers In 1985 Microsoft computers were made Steve Jobs 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Apple Windows By: Tishi Fernandez & Amy Johnson About Computers The First Computer About Steve Jobs Steve Jobs HP and Dell By: Tishi Fernandez &
Amy Johnson Sources History of the Computer Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs was born on February 24 1955 in San Francisco, California, U.S. He died on October 5 2011 in Palo Alto, California, U.S. Steve was a American entrepreneur, and inventor. He is the best know as the Co-Founder,Chairman and CEO of Apple inc. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO for Pixar. Also the founder and CEO of NeXT inc. Jobs and Steve Wozniak met in 1971, and have been friends since. In 1976 , Wozniak single-handedly invented the Apple 1 computer. Then Wozniak showed it to Jobs, who suggested to sell it. Then after a few years Jobs got fired from Apple and in 1985 he founded the NeXT Computer, with $7 million. Jobs was running out of money and with no product on the horizon appealed for venture capital. Then in 1996 Apple decided to buy NeXT, bringing back Jobs and the company he co-founded. Since then Apple have been a lot of new inventions and money. Steve Jobs with Macbook Steve Jobs releasing the Iphone 4 Steve Jobs with Ipad First ever logo of Apple made on 1976 The original Macintosh released in January of 1984 A 2009 model iMac: a wide, thin design Windows logo introduced in 2012 Windows Computer ENIAC Dell logo since 2010 Hp Logo and were very complex. The first computers were made in the 1940's -1950's First Generation Computers (1940's- 1950's) purpose electronic ENIAC ( Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). It was Second Generation Computers (1955's-1960's) The second generation of computers came about thanks to the invention of the transistor, which then started replacing vacuum tubes in computer design. Transistor computers consumed far less power, produced far less heat, and were much smaller compared to the first generation. The first transistor computer was created at the University of Manchester in 1953. The most popular of transistor computers was the IBM 1401. IBM also created the first disk drive in 1956, the IBM 350 RAMAC. IBM 1401 Third Generation Computer's (1960's) The invention of integrated circuits (IC's) also known as microchips , paved the way for computers as we know them today. Making out of a single piece of silicon, which is a semiconductor, allowed them to be smaller and more practical to produce. This also started the ongoing process of integrating an even digital, although it computer was the and was reprogrammable to solve a complete range of computing IBM system/360 larger number of transistors onto a single microchip. During the sixties microchips started making their Fourth Generation Computer's (1971-present and second generation computers still held on. First appeared minicomputers, first of which were still based on non-microchip transistors, and later versions of which were hybrids, being based on both transistors and microchips, such as IBM's system/360. They were smaller and cheaper than first and second generation computers, also known as main frames. Minicomputers can be seen as a bridge between mainframes and microcomputers, which came later as the proliferation of microchips in computers grew. problems. It took up 167 square way into computers, but the process was gradual, First microchips-based central processing units consisted of multiple microchips for different CPU components. The drive for ever greater integration and miniaturization led toward single-chip CPU's, where all of the necessary CPU components were put into a single microchip, called a microprocessor. The advent of the microprocessor spawned the evolution of the microcomputers, the ind that would eventually become personal computers that we are familiar with today. Apple was first established on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne to sell Apple I personal computer kit. It was hand made by Wozniak and and first shown to the public at the Homebrew Computer Club. The Macintosh marketed as Mac, is a line of personal computers (Pc's), designed, developed by Apple inc. The Macintosh project began in the 1970's with Jef Raskin, an Apple employee who envisioned an easy-to-use, low-cost computer for the average consumer. The first Macintosh had 64 kilobytes of RAM, used the Motorola 6809E microprocessor, and was capable of supporting 256x256 pixel black and white bitmap display. Then it changed the final mac design was self-contained and had the complete QuickDraw picture language and interpreter in 64 kb of ROM, it had 128kb of RAM. Though there were no memory slots the RAM was expandable to 512 kb. The final By: Tishi Fernanadez By: Tishi Fernandez & Natasha Saunders By: Tishi Fernanadez By: Tishi Fernandez By: Tishi Fernandez & Natasha Saunders By: Tishi Fernandez product's screen was 9 inch 512x342 pixel monochrome display. Apple vs. Microsoft Similarities: Differences: didn't operate The first general with binary code, meters, weighed 27 tons, and consuming 150 kilowatts of power. It also had very little memory. Apple and Microsoft have been arch-rivals for along time and much has been made about their differences. 1. Apple is primarily in business to sell hardware. Microsoft is primarily in business to sell software.
2. Apple is in California, and Microsoft is in Washington state
3. Microsoft is not in the cell-phone business. Apple is a leading name in smart phones and literally made a big paradigm shift with its introduction of iPhones. Microsoft makes software for cell-phones.
4. Apple is in the tablet business while Microsoft is not. Microsoft might come out with its OS for tablets, but a date is not revealed yet.
5. Apple is really innovative with great design and UI packaged with great futures on their devices. While Microsoft is focused mainly on software packaging. Paul Allen and Bill Gates, childhood friends with a passion in computer programming, were seeking to make a successful business utilizing their shared skills. In 1972they founded their first company
Traf-O-Data that offered a rudimentary computer which tracked and analyzed automobile traffic data. Allen went to pursue a degree in computer science at the University of Washington, later dropping out of school to work at Honeywell. Gates began studies in Harvard. Then the officially established Microsoft on April 4 1975, with Gates as the CEO. After that they have been improving and making software products. They have also been competing with Apple since. Paul Allen &
Bill Gates HP stands for Hewlett- Packard. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard graduated with degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1935. In 1939, Packard and Hewlett established Hewlett-Packard (HP) in Packard's backyard. Hewlett and Packard tossed a coin to decide whether the company would be called Hewlett-Packard or Packard- Hewlett. Hewlett won and they named it Hewlett- Packard . Hp incorporated on August 18, 1947 and went public on November 6, 1957. In 1936 Konrad Zuse invented the first programmable computer, Z1 computer. In 1943 Colossus was the first electric programmable computer and was developed by Tommy Flowers In 1984 Apple and Macintosh computers were made During 1987 Apple introduces Mac 2 and Microsoft releases Windows 2.0 and OS/2 The word computer originally came from people who preformed numerical calculations using mechanical calculators. Now computers are mechanical devices instead of humans. Computers are electronic devices that accept data, process the data, produce output and store the results. The components of a computer (hardware) are on the front of a computer case. Inside a computer case are the mother board, fan, floppy drive power cable and more, you can see inside a computer case below. Right now there are many types and brands of computers. Some examples of brands are Apple, Microsoft Windows, HP, Acer, Samsung, Asus, Sony and Toshiba. Computers are incredible machines. "When Was the First Computer Invented?" When Was the First Computer Invented? N.p., n.d. Web. 01 May 2013. "The History of Computers - Computer History Timeline." The History of Computers - Computer History Timeline. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 May 2013. "Apple vs Microsoft Infographic Timeline From 1984 – 2011." Geeky Gadgets. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 May 2013 "Timeline of Microsoft Windows." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 15 Mar. 2013. Web. 01 May 2013. "Timeline of Apple Inc. Products." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 30 Apr. 2013. Web. 01 May 2013. "History Of Computer." History Of The Computer RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 May 2013. "Steve Jobs." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 05 Jan. 2013. Web. 01 May 2013. "Apple Inc." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 30 Apr. 2013. Web. 01 May 2013. "Dell." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 30 Apr. 2013. Web. 01 May 2013. "Microsoft Windows." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 05 Jan. 2013. Web. 01 May 2013. "Hewlett-Packard." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 30 Apr. 2013. Web. 01 May 2013. "When Computers Changed the World from the Revolution Exhibition." YouTube. YouTube, 01 Apr. 2011. Web. 01 May 2013. By: Tishi Fernandez & Natasha Saunders & Amy Johnson Dell traces its origins to 1984, when Michael Dell created PC's Limited while a student of the University of Texas at Austin. In 1985, the company produced the first computer of it's own design, the Turbo PC which sold for $795. The company changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation in 1988 and started expanding globally 1.Both companies make a tablet. Apple has the iPad and Microsoft has the Surface.
2.Like Apple, Microsoft also has retail stores. The reason is, that while Apple has more than 200 stores, Microsoft has fewer than 20.
3.Each company manufactures and sells it own portable media player. The Microsoft Zune HD, in particular, competes with the Apple iPod Touch
4.Perhaps more important to computer users is that both companies offer application software products. In particular, Apple has its iWork integrated productivity suite, whereas Microsoft has its Office suite of applications.
5.They both make mobile communication devices e.ct. Mobile phones/sell phone on this front, the two companies each have smartphones. The ubiquitous iPhone faces competition from Windows Phone. In fact, Windows Phone 7 won the 2012 PC Magazine Readers' Choice award. Hooper, Brian. "Similarities Between Apple and Microsoft." Science. Demand Media, n.d. Web. 2 May
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