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content curation

workshop by ana loureiro & inês messias @ 9th jtel summer school | may 2013 | limassol - cyprus

Ana Loureiro

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of content curation

does it really helps my research?
Content Curation
what is the purpose

what do you seek
define your topics

research interests

crucial themes
various platforms

follow your peers

dig deeply

add value
Sense Making
repass your findings

let others access the information

be a content curator
Scoop it [http://scoop.it/]

Pintrest [http://pinterest.com/]

Listly [http://list.ly/]

Diigo [http://diigo.com]

Storify [http://storify.com/]

Bundlr [http://bundlr.com/]

Springpad [http://springpad.com]

is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web
and presenting it in a meaningful
and organized way around a specific theme.
is a method to help you stay informed about your field and be more effective at your work
a workshop by:
ana loureiro & inês messias

#1 - Select a specific topic

#2 - Share only the most interesting content

#3 - Do it regularly / have a schedule

#4 - Follow multiple platforms

#5 - Analyse and search

#6 - Share. Do not steal!
discovering content is the easy part

managing it all is the challenge
what are the rules?
lets be
content creators!
make sense of it
add value


share it!
define your topic
create an account
chose your tool
content curation
it is not just about repass information - machines can do that! = content aggregation
you need to make sense of it and add value :-)
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