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This is my first prezi, so I hope you like it! It is all about e-safety, from cyber bullying and how to deal with it, to preventing gaming addiction. Enjoy! :)

Sinead McCall

on 30 June 2016

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Transcript of E-safety

Online safety - think you know what you're doing?
What is Cyber-Bullying?
Cyber bullying is where a person is receiving unwanted and nasty texts or messages via the internet or cell/smart phone.
Cyber bullying is VERY different to normal bullying.
It happens in the ‘technology world’ so it can affect someone at home, and at school.
It can happen anywhere.
Don’t share too much information online.
It’s best not to even write your name, unless your account is private.
Remember anyone could access your account and find out your name, where you live and what your phone number/ email address is.
To stop strangers from seeing your personal details, set your user settings to this; only my friends can see my profile.
Remember that once information and photos are out there, they're out there forever!
Staying safe
No one should have to suffer this bad.
There is no need to commit suicide.
If you are feelings stressed and feel no one can help, think of all the good things that may happen if you don’t commit suicide.
The best thing to do is to tell your parents and/or teacher.
Games on the internet can be very fun; however you don’t need to share personal information to enjoy the game!
It's a good idea to use your intitials or a fake name but not your actual name.
Be careful about revealing your age. Some sites want your age so they know stuff about you, however some sites ask for your age to protect you, as the game you want to play may be unsuitable for your age group.
It can be very hard to track down who is the bully
They may block their number, or say things on social networking sites and sign it as ‘anonymous’.
Remember to save the texts and nasty messages so the bully can be caught.
The Law
Although Cyber bullying isn't against the UK law, civil laws can still apply - particularly in terms of cyber bulying...
Protection from Harrasment act 1997
Malicious Communications act 1988
Communications act 2003
Public Order act 1986
Section 43 of the telecommunications act 1984
Everyone is here to help
Games can be very addictive. But remember, you need to stay realistic!
There’s no need to stay on that game 15 hours a day just because you want to get to the next level!
There are things that you can do offline which are fun, such as board games!
Only give out your number to people you know and you have met.
Only share personal information with your real friends.
Someone you text via messenger, who you think is your friend, can turn out to be someone who isn't who they say they are!
Always tell someone if you get a text from someone you don't know. It can get worse if you don't tell someone!
What is Blue-toothing?
Blue - toothing is a quick and easy way of sharing things such as photos, videos and music.
Change your default password of 0000 to something less obvious
My success criteria
My folder structure
This prezi shows that we have to be careful on the internet, even if it is fun. Thanks for watching and stay safe on the internet!
Some quick facts
1. Almost 43% of children have been bullied online. 1/4 kids have had it happen to them more than once.
2. 68% of teenagers agree that cyber -bullying is a major probelm.
3. Only 1 in 10 victims will tell a responsible adult.
4. 81% of young adults agree online bullying is easier to get away with than bullying in person.
5. 90% of adolescents who have seen cyber bullying ignore it. 84% have seen others tell the bully to stop.
6.Girls are twice as likely to be bullied than boys.
7. Cyber Bullying victims are 2-9 times MORE likely to commit suicide.
8. Over 80% of kids use a cell phone, making it one of the easiest ways to get bullied.
A good tip:
If someone is bothering you, and it is affecting your daily life, either:
- block them
- tell an adult
- or click this button...
This button can be found on most social networking sites.
So Remember...when other people bother you online...
Rating system
This is the rating system for most games:
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