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Dropbox, Dropitto.me, and Annotating Apps

CSN Faculty Professional Development Tuesday, 9/4/12

Deborah Bright

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Dropbox, Dropitto.me, and Annotating Apps

Dropbox +
DROPitTO.me +
iAnnotate =
Paperless Feedback
...and so much more!

First things first: if you don't already
have one, make yourself a free Dropbox account. Then all of your documents
will be available to you instantly, no
matter where (school or home)
or on which device (laptop, desktop, iPad),
you're working.
--Go to Dropbox.com, and click "Download Dropbox."

--Click "Save File" when prompted.

--Double click on the download.

--Click "Run" on the installer.


--Follow directions/fill in required information, and you should be good to go!
What is Dropbox? In a word, amazing...
Install Dropbox on any computer
you use, and your documents
will always be up to date
and ready when you are!

is the fastest, easiest way for your
students to submit work to you. No lame printer excuses, no email foul-ups, no dead trees.

creates a secure folder in your Dropbox, into which students can quickly and easily place their work for you to access.
Go to DROPitTO.me (not cap sensitive, by the way), and click to REGISTER a new account.
You already have a Dropbox account, so follow
the instructions to REGISTER that account.

--Your USERNAME will complete the url the kids will use to log in. I use "dbright," so when the kids want to drop something in my Dropbox, they go to

--Your PASSWORD is for you to get into
the account. You won't need it often.

--The UPLOAD PASSWORD is what the kids will enter, when prompted by the site, in order to deliver their writing to your Dropbox.
Now let's add
so your students
can play, too!
When it's time for students to hand in their work, they go online to the url you created for your DROPitTO.me folder (remember? I give them the url dropitto.me/dbright), use the UPLOAD PASSWORD you gave them, browse for the document they're handing in, and upload! The DROPitTO.me folder will be created automatically when the first student submits work to you, and this folder will fill with student work just waiting for your attention. Woo hoo!
This is where it gets
really fun:
--Open the Dropbox app on your iPad,
and go to the DROPitTO.me folder.
--Select the student work you want to read.
--Once the document has appeared
on your screen, press the button on the
top right that is an open square with
an arrow coming into it.
--The new window will say "Open in..."
Select iAnnotate.

iAnnotate will convert the document
to a pdf, and open it in the app.

MAGIC!! :)
Using a capacitive stylus, or maybe your finger, select a tool from the assortment on the right. The feather is a handwriting tool, and will zoom in on a blank space on the
screen. The pencil will work with either
your finger or a stylus, but does not zoom.
The typewriter...types...the highlighter...
highlights....you get it! You may adjust font style, size, color, and even erase if you're not perfect. My very best advice to you is that you play around with the tools and possibilities here, to discover what gets the job done for you.

Click "Done" when you're finished with your comment, and it will appear on the
student's work. The app saves automatically.
At last!
You are ready to send this
piece of work back to your student.
You have two options for doing this:
Three steps to an

Old school grading....
Deborah Bright
MS/US English Department Chair
Community School of Naples
Naples, FL
A word about styli:

Adonit Jot Pro
Boxwave Evertouch
Return to the library in iAnnotate (looks like a filing cabinet at top left), select the document you just marked by checking the circle in its top left corner, and then find the email option in the left-hand column. Address the email, and you are FINISHED!

Open up the toolbar for your annotating screen, and drag and drop the email icon onto the bar. Much easier! All you have to do now is tap that icon when you're finished annotating, enter in your student's email address, and you are
...with your first paper, that is!
Happy Marking!! :)

80 students x 8 pages/week =640 pages/week

quia.com (quiz) = 1 page/week per student
evernote (notes and handouts) = 3 pages/wps

what's left? homework assignments, papers, exams...
really big number x number of teachers in building = ???
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