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Polbase Introduction

An introduction to Polbase, the repository of DNA Polymerase information.

Brad Langhorst

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Polbase Introduction

Polbase Repository of
DNA polymerase information Why? Catalog knowledge of
polymerase behavior Enable better searching Discover new
rules/meanings Promise Types of questions
we want to answer Design principles Interconnectedness What can Polbase do? What's on the horizon? Data we're storing Search tools Structure summary References Polymerase relationships Permanence Transparency Relevance Information visibly connected
to primary source

Free and Open resource

Simple submission process Attributability More references
More results
Structure features

Community requests Methodology Community driven content and features

Continuous updates

Automatic email reminders Collaborative All results are tied to references Diverse expertise from
polymerase community Use existing resources : Be accessible UniProt PubMed ExPASy Contribute to Polbase Proven database technology Supported by: activities
accessory factors
... relevant conditions Search Structures References Relationships First results Pubmed results "Taq fidelity" Canonical papers Polbase results By polymerase,
with links to PDB Instant filter, sort by columns ... Paper's Details Polymerases by family Advanced Search Didn't find what you're looking for? XML, JSON data http://polbase.neb.com/polymerases/Dpo4 Predictable URLs Consumable data ... New England Biolabs
Collaborators What are the known mutants of Pol I?
What is the fidelity of Taq?
Which family B enzymes have 3-5' exo activity?
... Acknowledgments Isaac Cann
Cathy Joyce
Stu Linn
Linda Reha-Krantz
Elliot Chin, John Zou
Stefan Serafianos
Bruno Marchand
Sam Wilson
Bill Beard
Roger Woodgate
Alexandra Vaisman Nicole Nichols
Bill Jack Devora Cohen-Karni
Paul Davis
Adrienne Greenough
Sanjay Kumar
Brendan Murphy
Janos Posfai
Rich Roberts Jim Ellard
Don Comb NIH SBIR grant
1R44GM087021 How? What? Who? Brad Langhorst Where? New England Biolabs Nichols Lab Focused NEB Polymerase Experts Collaborators: Polymerase specificity allows
structures with DNA, by family Mutants and parents Better, faster with expert collaborators
Historical results
Your new work
Unpublished results
It's easy! Polbase.neb.com Accessory factors:
What are the interesting questions? not polymerase specific
ordered by time not "relevance" UserVoice open vs. closed
exo domain template bound?
relevant metals http://www.flickr.com/photos/thelastminute/1927077512 And new views like this... Detailed results The front page Precise search Polymerase summaries Overview DNA Polymerases (including RTs)

Supplement existing resources
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