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R_objects final

Tacit Dimension workshop outputs @ ZHDK Arts in Design. In the framework of “Resourcing Design” International Design Workshop 2014

viktor bedö

on 20 December 2016

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Transcript of R_objects final

experiencing urban resources on street level
Immo Bingo
My Space
The games 'Durststrecke', 'Litfasssäule', 'Immo Bingo' and 'My Space' were created by participants of Workshop r_objects in the framework of “Resourcing Design” workshop program organized by the Master Arts in Design at ZHDK.

Workshop leaders: Dr. Viktor Bedö, Nadine Kuhla vom Bergmann.
Workshop participants: Lidija-Kristina Balanc; Anupama Gupta; Flurin Jenal; Philipp Küderli; Benjamin Lemcke; Marina Llopis; Diego Martinez; Simon Peter Pfaff; Julia Schubert; Philippe Stauffacher; Miriam Wissel
Tacit Dimension @ ZHDK Arts in Desing
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