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Brave New World

No description

Alexa MacPherson

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Brave New World

Technological advancements Ignorance is Bliss The Power of Authority Brave New world is a dystopian novel that is a parallel of our society in the future 632 A.F located in central London. Society is focused on reinforcing "community, identity, and stability". These three focuses are achieved by creating a hatchery and conditioning center- where humans are genetically engineered and conditioned to conform and work together to achieve happiness as a society. Identity is achieved by having a five class system - Alpha, Gamma, Betas, Deltas, and Epsilons. Lastly, stability is assured by the genetically modified drug Soma. Whenever a issue arises in life, citizens will take Soma to avoid life problems and always feel happiness. This then creates certain characters in the novel to wonder what real happiness is, and is faced with the struggles to avoid conforming with the whole of society. Soma is the main thing that constitutes ignorance is bliss in the Brave New World. Characters take this drug to block out feelings, emotions, and to remain "happy". However, would you consider this a false happiness? Without the sadness in life, how would you distinguish what true happiness is and appreciate it? Citizens would rather create happiness with their ignorance than have to face the truth of the real world's problems and difficulties. The directors of Brave New World have constructed society to have a limited amount of knowledge. For example history is "bunk". Since citizens only know the life style of Brave New World, they cannot compare or change it to seek a desired happiness. They are happy with what they have, therefore reinforcing that ignorance is bliss. This is essential for the Brave New World because when people are happy, they are easy to control and are unlikely to rebel. The power of the world state controllers in Brave New World have demonstrated their power by controlling the amount of knowledge that the citizens have access to. Instead of using violence to control the people, the world controllers use technology and Soma to create a false reality and happiness. They are then satisfied with the limited freedom they have and do not rebel. Alienation Brave New World
- Aldous Huxley Summary A.F is the abbreviation of "after Ford". It is named after Henry Ford who designed the assembly line for the manufacturing of automobiles. Exploring Themes Within Brave New World Themes that will be covered are:
1. Technological Advancement
2. Ignorance is Bliss
3. The power of authority
4. Alienation
5. Promiscuity
6. Consumerism
What is a dystopian society? It is a community or society that is commonly written about to raise awareness of real world issues regarding the future society . It is characterized by the dehumanization of citizens, the governments and political systems having total authority over the society, and often environmental disasters. What does "A.F" stand for? Promiscuity Consumerism Definition: The lack of knowledge to a situation. Once the truth is revealed, one would consider themselves happier being unaware. The theme of alienation is explored through the characters Helmholtz Watson, Bernard Marx and John. Helmholtz does not fit in with the norm of society because although he is physically the same, he is significantly more intellectual than the other Alphas. Whereas Bernard is physically different than the other Aplhas. His shortened height has caused people to think Bernard had alcohol in his blood surrogate. He is also emotionally different because he enjoys spending time alone, and does not abuse the use of Soma. John is isolated at the reservation, and when he travels to Brave New world, he is faced with the fact he does not belong there either. He argues that he wants the right to be unhappy, he wants god, poetry, real danger, freedom, goodness and sin. John eventually takes his life due to this alienation he feels. The Brave New World society is based on consumerism. It varies from having unnecessary items, to designing people for certain industries. They want citizens who desire to constantly have new things. They rather "end than mend". Meaning that instead of repairing items, they will replace them will new. Citizens are even conditions to love country sports so that they consume manufactured articles as well as transport. The constant use of Soma is also a reliable method of consumerism. Citizens need it to feel happy, so the demand for it will remain high. Consumerism is the Brave New World society is essential for it to function properly. Connections between Brave New World and... 1. The Handmaid's Tale

2. The real world The Handmaid's Tale Vs. Brave New World Similarities The Handmaid's Tale Brave new World * Government in control * Dystopian novel * Themes about sex * Citizens not allowed to read * Themes of alienation * People are conditioned * Have families, relationships, love * No families. * Humans are genetically engineered * Different classes of people * Some females are sterilized *Majority of individuals fear time alone *Promiscuity is encouraged * Characters within novel commit suicide * Handmaid's have an excessive amount of time alone * No freedom * Religion may be present * No religion * Relies on drugs What was Huxley trying to warn us about ? 1. Powerful Government
2. Child labour
3. Food economic crisis
4. Over population
5. Relying too much on technology
6. Conforming
7. Consumerism * Not afraid of death * Fear death * Have most knowledge of what is happening * Ignorance Promiscuity is the law in Brave New World, and having relationships or even attachments to another is illegal. The purpose of this is so nobody forms a meaningful relationship and they view each other as objects. World state controls do not want citizens to feel like individuals. When people are isolated, they think; and possibly re-evaluate society. This may cause them to potentially rebel. Therefore promiscuity is encouraged to disregard feeling as an individual. * People distinguished by colours Brave new World vs. The real world Similarities Our society Brave New World * Based on consumerism * Drug use * Reliance on technology * Promiscuity * Government in control * People are genetically engineered *History is bunk * People are put into a classification system * People are conditioned * Have no freedom * Democratic society * Have families, love, and relationships * Learn from and study the past Instead of focusing on family and love, Brave New world's society is focused on the constant technological growth. Without technology, the government would have no capability to dominate society. For example Bokanovsky's process where an egg is shocked to multiply into ninety-six identical embryos that then develop into identical human beings. This is to ensure that the cloned humans are content with working at their predestined locations. The three lower classes in the society receive alcohol treatments and oxygen deprivation to create a lower intelligence to allow the individual to accept and enjoy their working conditions. They use Podsnap's technique to speed up the process of development of a human, and then Neo-Pavlovian conditioning rooms to control their behaviour. Hypnopaedia is a sub conscience sleep conditioning that is used to brain wash citizens into accepting promiscuity, the use of Soma, and increase consumerism. This creation of the genetically engineered "perfect" drug Soma has allowed society to have a false creation of constant happiness. With out the advance Technology to creates these processes,community, identity, and stability within the Brave New World society would not be possible. * Charter of rights * Censorship * Discrimination towards women Alexa MacPherson
Mrs. Clarke
January 18th 2013 *Capable of feeling happiness and sadness *Discrimination towards women * capable of feeling sadness and happiness * No religion * Fear time alone * Religion * Society attempts equality between people *Ignorance *Over population * Society conforms
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