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G-WOW Changing Climate, Changing Culture Model

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Cat Techtmann

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of G-WOW Changing Climate, Changing Culture Model

Designing a new model for understanding climate change
Is there place-based evidence that the climate is changing?
Wisconsin's growing season is 12 days longer!

Less ice cover on the Great Lakes.

More intense storms & flooding.
What does science say?
Overall warming
+4-degrees overall warming.

Warmer winters
70% decrease in cold nights.

More extreme weather
25% increase in 2-inch rainfall events- especially in the north!

Wild rice needs cool
growing conditions.
Wild rice harvests are declining.
Temperatures in northern Wisconsin are projected to increase 6-7 degress annually by 2050
Do culture and science agree?

You be the Judge!

Do Culture and Science agree the climate change is happening?
“…local, place-based evidence of climate change gained through experiential learning is as, or more effective than, simply studying analytical climate change data to increasing climate change literacy.”

“The Psychology of Climate Change Communication”, Columbia University, 2009

The Ojibwe lifeway of wild ricing depends on the sustainability of "manoomin" or wild rice.

Wild rice is sacred to the Ojibwe people.
What changes are you noticing?
Fewer Brook trout, more dry streams
Less maple syrup, maple trees dying
Less snow, not as much snowboarding
What species or habitat conditions do you need for this cultural practice?
Projected increase in frequency of
+2 inch rainfall events through 2050
What is place-based evidence?
Change that you can observe or experience within your culture and the environment around you.

The Lake Superior Ojibwe have generations of place-based knowledge about the environment.
Consider a cultural practice you enjoy

Brook trout for fly fishing
Sugar maple trees for maple syruping
Snow for snowboarding
How will these changes affect the sustainabilitiy of wild rice and wild rice harvesting?
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