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Local Authority Commissioning

No description

Martin Houghton-Brown

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Local Authority Commissioning

Making Money From Government What they want... value for money
clear outcomes
local Most worried about... looked after children
substance misuse
youth justice
Mental Health
Homelesness Our competitors barnardo's
the children's society
childline & NSPCC Local Authorities What we do... Safeguard Young People
Support People with Mental Health Problems Help homeless people off the streets Free to call 24/7 crisis help
Preventative work
Local agency co-ordination and triage
Out of hours support
Care home confidential support line
Textsafe Free support and advice
Message home
"Homesafe" service Referral to safe agency
Message home
Reunite with family
Tracing relatives and support how to get the money Product selection choose ready for market service
ensure service is outcome driven
ensure delivery can be evidenced
ensure that number of people to be served are clear
ensure that LA has pot of money to commission service Area selection known contacts
already pay us
NI71 data
Police data
High population
High depreivation
Highest number of private care homes Price point cost of bidding / opportunity cost
contract management costs
management fee
evaluation fee
additional staff costs
No.. really... how to get the money Boiler Plates Bidding template
Library of images, stats and case studies
Clear USP copy
Pitching Their top priorities
Are we addressing their needs?
Bid Content Excellent presentation
Project management
Delivery capacity
Risk management
Quality management
Value for money
Best value The risks Nobody wants to pay for our services

police better potential
individual care home better potential
mental health units
Government Office in regions
need to find champions
west mercia?
birmingham We do things that are not in the plan drive from the strategic plan
validate with services
use policy knowledge
look for quick wins
develop products for Y2&3 We plan and don't do divide time between prospecting and bidding
80% now money 20% next years money
remember you will be judged on the £
remember you will be judged on the outcomes The Potential Public Service Delivery Agency
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