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casadie rolstad career

miss cullins

casadie rolstad

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of casadie rolstad career

A professional musician is someone who is in a band. Job Responsibilities stay on scheduel and stay on time, keep things organized Education requirments school diploma, it would help to have some experience in producing, and managing. colleges FSU has a big music program, UF also has a music program, and pro media training has schools in miami, new york, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, and San Diego. Salary $14,400 a year Career in 10 years The future for this career would probally be touring, getting more fans. Where would this career be highest in demand in the future? It will depend on who wants this career and if people can make it in this career. Computer programs: apple has a program called garage band and you can create your own music on it. customers would be anybody who enjoys listening to your music. Working buisness to buisness would be working with other artist. stores, and labels. problems that need to be solved in this career would be time managment, money, sales. Math used in this career is how much your getting for gigs and how much you need to record. you need to communicate with your band members and talk about problems and new things happening, and you need to know what the customer wants. By casadie Rolstad
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