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O Brother, Where Art Thou VS. The Odyssey

No description

Neb Resom

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of O Brother, Where Art Thou VS. The Odyssey

O Brother, Where Art Thou VS. The Odyssey
By: Ben Moser, Corrin Moser
Differences and Similarities
Released in Dec. 22 2000
Directed by: Joel and Ethan Coen.
Takes place in Mississippi
George Clooney(Right):Everett Ulysses McGill
Tim Blake Nelson(Middle):Delmar O'Donnell
John Turturro(Left):Pete Hogwallop
Plot Summary
Ulysses Everett McGill is the film’s protagonist. Charged for practicing law without a license, but telling his friends, Pete and Delmar, it was for knocking over an armored car holding 1.2 million dollars, Everett convinces his boon companions to escape and dig up the treasure, which Everett says he has personally buried. The real reason for his escaping is so he can stop his wife, Penny, from marrying Vernon, a man who is referred as a suitor by one of Everett’s daughters.
After escaping from prison, the gang catches a ride with a blind man. Who tells Everett his future involving the treasure.
After that they go to Pete's brothers house to lay low. But at night Pete's brother betrays them for the wanted money.
The group lays low until morning.
Before getting back on track Pete and Delmar see people walking trance like to a body of water to get baptized. Pete and Delmar go but Everett doesn't and waits for the two to return

After getting a car the group picks up a guitarist named Tommy. Who tells them they can get some easy money by "singing into a can".
The next night they get caught again and lose Tommy. In the morning while walking in the middle of the road they get picked up by a guy named George Nelson. George Nelson is a famous bank robber getting chased by the same cops chasing Everett. While being followed George pulls out his gun and shoots at them, and also ending up killing some cows.
Another misfortune that befalls the group is when Pete tells Everett to pull over the car because he hears women singing. The morning following this encounter they find that Pete is gone, but in his place there is a toad. Delmar mistakes this toad for Pete and they take it with them.
The next character the group meets is a big guy with 1 eye named Big Dan. Big Dan convinces Everett and Delmar that he sells the truth, selling Bibles that is, and takes them to a more private environment. Soon we discover that he is not a Bible salesman, but a greedy conman there to take their money and vehicle, and in doing so squishes "Toad Pete".
Everett gets home only to find that his wife is going to marry a guy named Vernon. Everett's daughters thought he was dead from a train crash.
After recovering Pete, Everett finds Tommy in the hands of a cult. He's about to get lynched. So Everett, Pete , and Delmar disguise themselves as cult members and try to rescue him. Big Dan is there and tries to stop them. But ends up getting injured.
After rescuing Tommy, the group dresses up as hobos to try and talk Penny(Everett's wife) out of marrying Vernon.
Penny says that the only way she will go back to Everett is if he goes and finds something very important to both of them, their wedding rings.
About the Movie
Both start with Invocation to the Muse.
Everett's middle name is Ulysses, Roman name for Odysseus.
Odysseus has a crew, while Everett and his two friends represent his crew.
The blind railroad homeless man tells Everett his future, while Tiresias is a blind prophet.
The baptism at the river can relate to the lotus eaters because after Pete and Delmar get baptized, they only talk about it and forget about their original goal for the time being.
Big Dan, the conman can relate to the Cyclops. This is because he has one eye, and he kills Toad Pete just as the Cyclops killed some of Odysseus' men. Also the entire cult scene can relate as well. Everett and friends disguise themselves as cult members, just like how Odysseus and his men hide under the sheep. And lastly, at the end of the scene, Big Dan gets injured which relates to how Odysseus injures the Cyclops.
George Nelson kills a cow, is punished with death by electric chair. While Odysseus' crew kills a cow, and is punished with Odysseus' ship getting struck by lightning.
Vernon T. Waldrip is courting Everett's wife in his
absence - Suitors are courting Odysseus’ wife in his absence
Everett dresses as hobo to see his wife Penny. While Odysseus dresses as beggar to see his wife Penelope.
Everett's wife's name is Penny, which could be short for Penelope(Odysseus' wife's name
Jail Warden chases crew throughout the entire movie. While Poseidon causes trouble to Odysseus throughout his journey
Everett's cunning intellect, use of language, and deceptiveness is similar to Odysseus'.
Everyone believes Everett was killed by a train, like how everyone believed Odysseus was killed in the war.
Everett has a lot of pride for his hair, just like how Odysseus is very prideful.
The girls singing at the river is similar to the sirens in the Odyssey. Also Pete "turning" into a toad is similar to Circe turning people into pigs.
Everett getting the wedding ring in order to marry Penny is similar to Penelope's bed test.
Some differences are:
They take place during different time periods.
Odysseus has one son, while Everett has 7 daughters
Odysseus' men don't listen to the sirens, while Everett and his friends do.
Thank you
for listening!
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