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Katherine Mazzaro

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of counseling

effects of hazing katherine wieme Defined as any act which is likely to:
(a) compromise the dignity of a member or prospective member
(b) cause embarrassment or shame to a member or prospective member
(c) cause a member ridicule, or emotional strain
(d) cause psychological harm or substantial emotional strain negative impacts Emotional:
other mental health problems motivation to haze Fulfills the basic human need for a sense of belonging

Attempts to create a rite of passage, & necessary part of entry into an organization some hazing info... Male & Female: highschool & college
Women typically tend to be less violent
More than 50% of students in organizations & teams have experienced hazing
Athletics, fraternities, sororities, clubs, honor societies, band, performing arts, & ROTC now & need Currently:
44 states have hazing laws, including VA
Inconsistent laws
Lack of enforcement

To prevent future harm:
Consistent laws in all states
Criminal consequences
Schools & colleges, Professional Athletics, & Military
Law enforcement apply laws motivation to haze "Most brothers believe it's important to humiliate the pledges" (42% agree)

"I believe it is important to humiliate the pledges" (30% agree) motivation to haze Sadistic "I enjoy seeing people in pain"
Power "When you haze you feel like a god"
Anger or Revenge "I went through it, so they have to"
Instrumental "It create bonds & maintains traditions"
Conformist "I don't like hazing, but I do it because that's what our chapter does" what is hazing? Any activity expected of a person attempting to join a group (fraternity/sorority, athletic team, club, etc.) that embarrasses, degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person's willingness to participate.

*there is an emphasis on physical harm Physical:
Pain &/or injuries
Severe intoxication
Death Decreased grades & withdrawl from classes psychological hazing allen & madden (2008) campo, poulos, & sipple (2005) hoover & pollard (2000), sweet (1999) hidden harm A hidden background that would make an individual highly susceptible to serious repercussions if hazed
Hazing is harmful to even perfectly healthy individuals
Mix hazing with any one of numerous issues individuals may be dealing with, and the damage can increase exponentially hazingprevention.org stophazing.org w&m hazing policy marchell (2008) campo, poulos, & sipple (2005) pelletier (2002) implications for counselors & practitioners After individuals &/or groups get caught for hazing, have counselors available to both...
Hazers: can experience guilt or remorse
Victims of Hazing: can experience depression, anxiety, eating disorders, other mental health issues
Offer counseling to all new members who depledge/drop
Violence Prevention Intervention: be aware of students who are showing violent behaviors or are at risk of these behaviors
School counselors should be involved with creating policies around hazing, harrassment & bullying implications for counselors & practitioners Anti-hazing policies & enforcement of policies
Hazing education: workshops, videos (especially around high frequency times; first weeks of school, bid day/new member education period, etc.)
Repeated message from different sources: faculty, parents, student affairs professionals, counselors, team captians, club/organization presidents, etc. Oliff (2002) Hermann & Finn (2002)
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