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My High School Experience

No description

Abri Arrington

on 23 May 2017

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Transcript of My High School Experience

My High School Experience
My Personal Challenges
San Clemente High School
Writing Review with Mr. Baits
Only knew my step sister
Entire campus was different from what I'm used to
Open minded and made me an effective communicator
Honors Chemistry
Finished science courses my Sophomore year
Always loved science
Wanted more credit
Made me think about my future, and how it could contribute to my career
Turned out I am more interested in Child Development
Community Service
Sophomore Interviews
My first year at Helix, I had no idea what the interviews were going to be like
Gathered information the entirety of the school year
Building up to the interview itself was nerve wracking
Shaped me to be a constructive thinker
Looking back at my Sophomore year I realized I accomplished a lot more than I expected
College for Me
Worked towards it throughout my Sophomore and Junior year
Kept up with the due dates
Overall experience was exciting and made me an informed decision maker
202 hours worth of peer tutoring
Made friends with everybody, specifically a boy named Kevin
Took responsibility over other students
Made me an effective communicator
Senior Project
Baked seven desserts for three separate occasions
Organization, communication, and time management
Consultant - Alma Tidwell
Clients - Elizabeth Cruz, Albert Arrington, and Amanda Araujo
Effective communicator- reaching out to my consultant
Constructive thinker- had to overcome difficult tasks on my own
Thank You
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