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Student Employment Plan

Assessment Report

c max

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of Student Employment Plan

Student Employment Plan Methodology Assessment Question Does on-campus student employment have an effect on student success? If so, how does it affect student success? This plan will accomplish this by conducting a comparative analysis of students working on and off campus evaluating the academic success and experiences of working students at the University of Utah as well as the need for more resources to increase student employment on campus Team's Interest for Research All team members work with student employees Team members believe there are many benefits for students who work on campus and would like to see additional opportunities available Team members have a positive bias towards on-campus student employment Alignment Student Affairs’ Mission Statement: “prepare students for active engagement in an increasingly diverse global society” and to “foster community on campus.” Student Affair’ Strategic Objectives: “developing students as a whole through the cultivation and enrichment of the body, mind and spirit” Existing Data Process Roadblocks Lack of research conducted Very few questions relating to employment in NSSE Profile of the American College Student – linking information Population Sample Who is conducting Period of assessment Resources Instruments Online surveys First year students On-campus and off-campus work Focus groups On-campus and off-campus Online Survey Focus group Conclusion ELP 6610: Assessment in Student Affairs
Spring 2010 Faculty-student interaction 70.21 percent of students working on-campus communicated with their professors in comparison with 66.51 percent of students working off-campus communicated with their professors U of U vs. Carnegie peers U of U students work 6-10 hours per week (means U of U 3.48; Carnegie peers 1.75) which is comparably different than Carnegie peer institutions, where students work 0-5 hours per week Campus involvement In comparing attendance of campus events with students’ employment location, it was found that out of 258 respondents, 50 percent of students working on-campus attended events and activities compared to 44.83 percent of students working off-campus Student employment at the University of Utah 79.97 percent of students work off-campus and 19.4 percent work on-campus
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