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3D Printing - Best of 3D Printing Charts / Showcases

Presentation about the magic of 3D Printing, including how 3D printing works, business impacts and top6 of my personal favorite 3D printing showcases...yes we can print it out

maik lange

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of 3D Printing - Best of 3D Printing Charts / Showcases

3D Printing
... there’s more to it than yoda heads and plastic frogs!

How it Works?
What is the potential?
Wohlers Associates estimates the 3-D printing industry will grow
from $2.2 billion in 2012 to $10.8 billion by 2021.

McKinsey Global Institute, research arm of the management consultancy, believes 3D printing could proliferate rapidly over the coming decade and could generate economic impact of $230bn-$550bn a year by 2025.

At projected growth rate, the industry is expected to double in size roughly every 3.75 years.

Represents a 19.3% per year compounded annual growth rate.

What types of 3D Printing
3D Print Charts
3D Printing
Hand made
bye 3D Printer
print out
a house
3D metal
print out food
print out
Human Body Parts
print out your
Sure, we can print it out!!!
How do I Print Something?
3D scanner
reconstruct from photos
online repository
Where Do I Get
The Models?

Also known as additive manufacturing

It’s a process that “prints” an object layer by layer
in a range of different materials.

Creates less waste than traditional “subtractive” manufacturing.

3D printing will do to the
manufacturing industry
what Napster did to
music industry !!!
3d printing business
3D Printer Maker
MakerBot, Ultimaker, 3D Systems, Stratasys,
Pirate 3D (350$ 3D Printer)

3D Printing Market Place
shapeways.com, yeggi.com, youmagine.com

3D Printing new Field for
new innovative Services
3D printing vending machine that can create whatever object you tell it to in minutes.

Thinker Thing
it possible for someone wearing an electroencephalography (EEG) headset to picture an object in his or her mind and have that object printed in 3D.

Organovo is a biotech startup focused on the development of 3D printed biological materials, particularly human tissues.

Tecnologia Humana 3D
a Brazilian company specializing in customizable 3D-printed orthotics, offers expecting mothers and fathers a three dimensional look at their beloved fetus in utero
Exits Potential for our Company?
fast prototyping and evaluation to develop new devices, product extensions

new marketing touchpoints and marketing campaign option to reach customer

new training options for undertstanding & awareness sales teams, customer

new play ground to check out new ideas
first trials and impression 3D printing?
Next Steps.... 3D-Printing@Bayer

...3D Printer Showroom for Brand Teams

...3D Printing Lab for Prototyping

...Bayer 3D Object Database for 3D model

...Innovation Service Development with
3D Printing Option

Latest News 3D printing
3D Re-printer recycles plastic bottles
and converts them into raw material
for 3D printing
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