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The Lure of America

No description

Mrs. Johnston

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The Lure of America

The Lure of America What we have learned so far...
(copy this into your notes)

- First nations people were the first people to live in North America. They lived in harmony with nature and with each other
(approximately 15,000 years ago)

- The Vikings were the first Europeans to explore the "New World" (Canada)

- The Vikings has reasons for exploring new lands; they were in search of silver, gold, etc. They killed many people who came in their way of finding these things Did you know!?
Europeans called America the "New World" because they knew so little about it!

To them it was a brand new place full of mystery and possibility. By the end of this lesson you will... learn about the voyages of Christopher Columbus

know why Europeans were exploring North America

know about the Northwest Passage

learn who "missionaries" were Why Explore? You might be wondering...why did the Europeans even bother leaving their countries to sail into the unknown?

There are a few reasons why ...
(copy down these 3 points + vocabulary)

1. Europeans wanted to find a route to Asia (China, Japan and India) because these places were known for having silks, tea, spices, and precious gems! They were also looking for more natural resources.

2. Europeans were deeply religious: they felt it was their duty to introduce Christianity to every corner of the world (even the "New World")

3. Voyagers wanted to find the Northwest Passage

New Vocabulary (copy these down in your notes!)
Northwest Passage: Explorers were looking for a faster, cheaper way to reach Asia, by sailing west across the Atlantic Ocean (when they tried this, they ran into North America!!)

Voyager: A person who travels on a long journey to a foreign or distant place, especially by sea. Christopher Columbus (copy these points)
He was an Italian sailor working for the King and Queen of Spain.

In 1492 he led 3 ships to find a way across the Atlantic Ocean to Asia.

He was the 1st European to reach North America after the Vikings (read together)
Several European countries were excited by the news of Columbus's voyage and sent off ships of their own. John Cabot led one of these ships.

John Cabot sailed from England across the Atlantic Ocean in 1497. We do not know for sure where he went, but Cabot probably landed on Newfoundland or Cape Breton Island. When he returned to Europe, he told everyone about the large number of fish he had seen.

Thanks to the voyages of Columbus, Cabot ad many others, Europeans realized that they had not found a route to Asia. They had to admit that another continent, North America, lay between Europe and Asia. Voyagers tried to find a way around the continent to Asia. They called this the Northwest Passage.

But at the same time, Europeans began to realize that North America had rich resources of its own. Fishers came to catch the plentiful cod. Traders came to barter for animals furs with the Aboriginal peoples. Not all the contacts were peaceful. Rumors of gold and other precious metals had the Europeans dreaming of fabulous riches. Columbus and the Spanish enslaved aboriginals and killed many thousands of them in their desperate search for gold. Here is a short documentary (13 minutes) that will explain life in Europe around 1492

Listen closely for information about the explorer Christopher Columbus John Cabot Christopher Columbus Explorers and Aboriginals Here is another short documentary showing what some of the Europeans brought to new lands. (e.g. the mustang, pigs, etc) Think about this as you watch the documentary...
How did the Europeans harm the native Americans way of living? Along with the explorers came missionaries. They believed that Christianity was the only true religion and they felt it was their duty to introduce it to every corner of the earth. Europeans did not understand that the Aboriginals peoples had spiritual beliefs of their own. They were determined to bring Christianity to North America.

(copy this definition)
Missionaries: were people who journeyed to America to spread their spiritual beliefs. Missionaries
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