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Safiya Buchanan

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Ballet

Ballet is a classical dance genre renowned for its poise and precision. It engages formalised steps and expressive body language set in intricate patterns constructing expression through movement.
My definition of Ballet:
...in ballet
Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century. At first, in Italy ballets were performed during an opera to allow the audience a moment of relief from the dramatic intensity. By the mid 17th century ballet was being showed in intervals and over the years Italian ballet became more loved and it developed its own theatrical identity.
Marie Taglioni is one of the most famous dancers of all and not just in Italy. She was the first ever ballerina to go en pointe and was also known for shortening her skirt.
In the 17th century ballet began to flourish in the French courts. Ballet did originate in Italy but quickly moved over to the French courts where it was highly developed and movements were given French names. That's when it became a French sport and art form.
Russian Ballet came to be in the early 19th century. Theatres were opened to people who could afford a ticket which was a very small number. Most world famous ballets were made in Russia including...
Swan lake
The Nutcracker
In French, a male dancer is referred to as a danseur, male dancers are often said to be the support to female ballerinas.Their technique used to be not as good and their steps not as polished.
Different instruments accompany the female and male principal dancers. For the male you may hear drums and loud instruments such as brass, whereas when a woman is dancing you will often hear soft instruments such as the flute.
Vaslav Nijiinsky
Famous male dancers
Rudolf Nureyev
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Here's a French ballet YouTube clip from The Nutcracker.
Ballet is also used in children's television programmes, for example, Barbie and The Nutcracker. Here is a short clip.
Thanks for watching.
Safiya Buchanan
Lev Ivanov & Marius Petipa
Lev Ivanov & Marius Petipa
French Ballet words
Because ballet became formalized in France, a significant part of ballet terminology is in the French language.

King Louis the 16th of France established the first official school of ballet known today as The Paris Opera ballet. He named the movements in french and french terminology is still used worldwide today. Most of the french ballet words are simple but sound fancy so it gives the ballet steps a more sophisticated and formal feeling.
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