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Unit 6 Review Revised for notes

No description

Andre Bryant

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Unit 6 Review Revised for notes

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Republic –1836-1845 Battle of San Jacinto

Battle of Gonzales

Fall of the Alamo

Mass Execution of men at Goliad Texas Revolution What are some things that happened during the Texas Revolutionary Era?

Law of April 6, 1830

Turtle Bayou Resolutions (1832)

Arrest of Stephen F. Austin (1834)

Battle of the Alamo- “Remember the Alamo” (March 6, 1836) Texas Revolution Texas Republic Anahuac settlers gathered at Turtle Bayou and drafted resolutions

1. This event resulted in Colonel Jose de las Piedras ordering the release of William B. Travis and Patrick Jack from jail and the the Mexican Army went back to Mexico

2.Bradburn was dismissed from his command. Turtle Bayou Resolutions – George Childress –
1836 - Sam Houston is elected president
1838 – Mirabeau Lamar is elected president
1840 – Council House Fight
1842 - Mier Expedition
1841 – Sam Houston is elected president
1844 – Anson Jones is elected president
1845 – Texas is annexed into the United State 1836 – Texas independence
1845 – annexation Law of April 6, 1830 ?
Lorenzo de Zavala – helped write the Texas Declaration of Independence and helped design the ad interim government at Washington-on-the Brazos; was elected Vice President of the new republic
James Fannin – led the Texans at Coleto Creek and surrendered to Urrea; later he was executed at Goliad by order of Santa Anna

Juan Seguín –
Battle of Gonzales

First battle of the Texas Revolution – October 2, 1835

The militia fired the cannon on October 2 at the Mexican soldiers, a battle began, and so did the Texas Revolution. Letter "To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World"
Who wrote this letter to recruit men to help him and his men at the Alamo after Santa Anna showed up in San Antonio, February 23.

The Texans moved into the Alamo and for 13 days fought the Mexicans.
The fall of the Alamo occurred on the morning of March 6, 1836.

1800 Mexican troops fought against approximately 189 Texans.
All Texans were killed, and approximately 600 Mexican soldiers were also killed. The Constitutional Convention of 1836 Texas delegates met at Washington-on-the Brazos and
Declared independence from Mexico on March 2, 1836
The Texans wrote a constitution to form an ad interim government for the Republic of Texas

What can you tell us about this Constitution?
President Mirabeau Lamar sent troops to the area of Santa Fe (Santa Fe Expedition) which caused Mexico to invade Texas.

Houston sent Texas Rangers to guard the border, and the threat was over.
300 Texans remained and crossed into Mexico to Mier.
A battle enraged for two days, and the Texans surrendered.
Texans were marched to Mexico City and executed by Santa Anna (again the ruler of Mexico) by the captured drawing a black bean. This incident led to the Annexation of Texas to the United States During the Presidential administration of Mirabeau Lamar
During Houston’s administration,
the Navy protected the Texas coast, but it was a drain on the nation’s finances it was Very costly, and most uses not successful

When Texas was annexed, the Texas Navy was taken over by the U.S. Navy. How did Sam Houston Feel about the Texas Navy?
June 1841 – Lamar sent troops to claim the western boundary of Texas, all the land east of the Rio Grande, which included Santa Fe, and a part of present-day New Mexico.
Mexico did not agree, and neither did the citizens of Santa Fe
By the time the Texans got there, they were in short supply and exhausted.
Texans were captured and marched to Mexico City, and then thrown into prison.
The expedition was a failure and cost a great sum of money.
Mexicans began raiding Texas again Chief Bowles What are some things that took place during
the Texas Revolutionary Period? What do the years 1836 and 1845 Represent? The Law of April 6 outlawed immigration from the U.S. to Texas and canceled all empresarial grants that had not been fulfilled. He was in charge of writing the Texas Declaration of Independence
Colonel James Fannin surrendered his 300 men at the Battle of Coleto because he was pinned on the open prairie.

They were marched to Goliad, and Santa ordered the captives to all be shot on March 21. Who Was James Fannin What was the Battle of Gonzalez?

Why was it important to the Texas Revolution?

What did it prove to the Texans? Write an expository essay about One of the Most Important Events in Texas History.
Essay must be at least a page and no more than 2 pages. First and Last Name Full Date Title Served with Travis at the Alamo,

He survived because he was sent out as a messenger to warn Sam Houston about the events at the Alamo.

He continued to serve under Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto. Was the only Tejano to Serve in the Senate of the Republic The Texans won this battle and proved that the Mexican Army could be defeated. William B. Travis Though the Texans did not win they Defended The Anglo Settlements at the Alamo and Delayed Santa Anna which gave Sam Houston more time to train his troops The establishment of the Republic of Texas was based on the freedoms most Texans had when they lived in the United States. This meant that they would not live under a dictatorship (political), and their civil liberties (civil/religious) like speech, religion, press, and assembly would be protected under a constitution.
Slavery was allowed under the Texas Constitution. Santa Fe Expedition
Lamar’s Administration This Eventually resulted in the Annexation of Texas to the U.S. (1844-1845)
He supported Houston’s policies. He maintained peace with the Native Americans, and tried to limit spending, and turned over Texas to the United States. A. President Anson Jones

B. Sam Houston

C. Mirabeau Lamar Who is this Man? President Anson Jones Who are the Texas Rangers ?
Lamar used them to fight the Mexicans and Native Americans.
Jack Coffee Hays
He was one of the best-known Texas Rangers, a surveyor of the Republic of Texas, and a captain of a Texas Ranger company. Put these Events in the correct order What is the He was a leader of a group of Cherokee Indians that arrived in Texas in 1820 and He signed a Treaty with Sam Houston during the Texas Revolution Who was this Man? This man served as Bexar's (San Antonio) representative in Congress, he was a Supporter of Mirabeau Lamar and a critic of Sam Houston. Jose Navarro Write a one page paper about the Alamo
it should include these names:

William Travis
Santa Anna
Davy Crockett
Sam Houston
James Bowie
Siege of the Alamo
Susanna Dickinson
Mexican Army
Juan Seguin

Each of the words from this list must be underlined. Name
Date Title
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