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Osteichthyes (Bony Fish)

No description

Sam Catalano

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Osteichthyes (Bony Fish)

(bony fish) are a taxonomic group of fish that have bone, as opposed to cartilaginous, skeletons.
Kingdom of life
Defining Characteristics-
They're made of bone (not cartilage)
- Bone
- Fish
Other Members:
Salmon, Angelfish, Clown fish, Gold fish, Tuna, bass, and more. They're are about 28000 species.
Evolutionary Relatives
Nearest common ancestor of all the
are the tetrapods.
Since they're are about 28,000 different species of
in many different locations, they each have different impacts on their community's. A lot of them are food for larger fish. Some species are "cleaners", they eat debris and parasites off larger fish, and some attach themselves to large fish and eat scrapes from their meals.
(Bony Fish)

Impact of humans
Humans can eat some kinds of Bony fish, certain species are harvested by people and some are used for recreational fishing or aquariums.
Which of the following is NOT an example of

A) A Blue Fin Tuna
B) A shark
C) A Bass
D) An Angelfish
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