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Jimmy carter

No description

madison bruce

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Jimmy carter

Jimmy carter
By: Madison Bruce
Born on October 1, 1924
His full name is James Earl Carter
His dads name was James Earl Carter
His moms name was Lillian Gordy Carter
He was born in Plains, Ga
He worked on a peanut farm
His wife was Rosalynn Carter
He had four children
The only kid living with them at the white house was their daughter Amy
Amy was admitted to Brown University
Early political carrer
He was on the board of education
He won election to the Georgia State Senate
He was a democrat
He ran for governor but lost
He ran again for governor and won
Was on the cover of Time magazine
Running for president
Announced candidacy in 1974
he won democ nomination in 1976
his running mate was Walter F. Mondale
he went up against Gerald R. Ford
Jimmy won
he introduced some Ambitious programs
he made sure to include girls
he stoped some bad treatises
Interesting facts
first American president born in a hospital
was against women abuse
didn't like violence
worked on a peanut farm
bought five houses when he was 13
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