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stephanie pareja

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of A BEAUTIFUL MIND

Movie Scene Project
Directed by:
Stephanie Pareja, Claire Karakozoff, Alex Myers, Gerrit Hansen, MarLee Slack, Kevin Kost, & Leonel Cabrera

Intrapersonal communication is communication that occurs within yourself, including your thoughts and emotions.
Nash is an effective and competent communicator
Verbal messages are created with language. A language consists of symbols and a system of rules (or grammar) that make it possible for people to understand each other.
Communication by means other than written or spoken language that creates meaning for someone.
The most prominent sign on nonverbal communication is the pen gesture.
The professors commincate their respect and admiration for the professor
This nonverbal gesture sets the ambience
Listening – A complex process of receiving, constructing meaning from and responding to verbal and nonverbal messages
Adaptation: To adjust both what is communicated and how a message is communicated to best modify the message and respond to others to achieve your communication goals (Beebe, Beebe and Ivy).
Nash and his method of using the above definition to effectively carry out his message to the audience.
The effects of his message expanded not only to his listener, but after the conversation was over.
A wider application of how this principle applies to the field of communication.

Nash's drastic blossoming of communication skills was due to his use of the five communication principles
-The film A Beautiful Mind expertly portrays the continuous struggles of John Nash and his Schizophrenia
-This particular scene shows John Nash being honored by Princeton's legendary Pen Ceremony
-This scene exemplified all five principles of communication
Effective communicators encode and decode messages accurately
Words have enormous importance and power
Hearing – The psychological process of decoding sounds
Listening is not passive
You must be an active listener in order to understand and respond
- Self barriers
- Information processing barriers
- Context barriers
Listening Barriers

• A Princeton Tradition
• Sign of respect
• Major player in the ambiance of the scene

Pen Ceremony
It was the use of the five communication principles in this scene that allowed Thomas King to understand Nash in a way that many never could
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