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Mobile Phone Features and Functions


Rabiya Gangrekar

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Mobile Phone Features and Functions

Mobile Phone Terminology Battery Life Loud Speaker incoming calls incoming messages alarms. Contact List Sort names in alphabetical order/groups. Video Calling Voice Dialing Predictive Text Standard Messaging Service Multimedia Messaging Service 3G High data speeds Ringtones sound to indicate an incoming call higher fees for calls, messages and internet access Roaming Megapixel PTT exchange data Push To Talk like a 'walkie-talkie' USB Universal Serial Bus connects two electronic devices mini USB micro USB proprietary connector charging talk live video 3G small sound driver alerts send receive SMS different networks all mobiles support SMS live, streaming video outside service provider's coverage area One million pixels unit for measuring image resolution more pixels, more detailed built-in dictionary intended word letter combinations two way communication service create a contact edit a contact wireless short distance store forward multimedia files as messages text picture audio video GPRS or 3G MMS 2G 1G first generation wireless technology more efficient than 1G GSM CDMA TDMA analogue digital 4G very fast internet speed can transfer large amounts of data CDMA Code Division Multiple Access digital technology transmit data no limit on capacity Alarm Cl ck unlimited alarms daily/weekly basis alarm tone Instant Messaging communication via internet Caller ID identifies and displays numbers of incoming calls QWERTY term comes from first six letters of the keyboard easier faster Alphanumeric Keyboard both letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9). Wi-Fi Wireless Local Area Network technology short-range wireless high-speed data connections faster than any data technologies Wi-Fi access point is from 30 to 100 meters indoors while outdoors can cover about 650 meters GSM Global System for Mobile communications transmits mobile voices and data services International roaming iDEN Integrated Digital Enhanced Network TDMA based digital mobile network system Motorola is main manufacturer PTT Infrared send files wirelessly both devices need to face each other to transmit and receive the signal. slower than Bluetooth Accessibility of the keypad Volume Listening to music Talking Watching videos Playing games Camera Audio Jack common connector 2.5mm or 3.5mm jack plugging in a standard pair of music headphones Music Player application allows you to listen to music files files stored in phone's internal/external memory MP3 How easy is it to access the keypad? the rating of the phone can depend on the accessibility of the keypad audio storage protocol stores music in a compressed format very little loss in sound quality Memory Internal Memory built in memory cannot be changed allows you to save information cheaper models have small internal memory External Memory SD Card when the internal memory is used up, the phone will start storing files in the external memory can be put in and taken out can buy separately most phones support microSD Cards a type of external memory usual maximum memory size is 32GB The more efficient the battery, the longer the talk time benefits the blind helps those who cannot physically enter numbers speaking a contacts name, automatically dials their number One Touch Features easy convenient simply pressing a button can lead you to a function Making Calls contract/pay-as-you-go abroad/landline/another mobile use numbers from contact list Textphone helps those who cannot hear or speak type what you want to say make and receive calls using text Reception needed for making calls and sending texts strength of the connection of the mobile phone with its network Or Signal signal depends on location Z om Allows a camera shot to change from a long shot to a close-up on screen/button magnification effect Flash clear picture in dark helps to know if the picture has been captured is it dangerous? Photo Editing Crop Rotate Enhance Grayscale Contrast Sepia Antique Red-Eye Blemish Fix Blur Sharpen Pop Art Distort Sketch Negative Solarization Headphones inserted into audio jack cancels out noise Listening to music saved music on the internet via an app playlists volume control equalizer play/pause/stop/forward/rewind Storing Music MP3 file format uses memory certain apps store music Flash Memory most popular types are NAND and NOR no power is needed to maintain the information stored on the chip File Type 3GP is a multimedia container format on 3G phones but can also be on some 2G and 4G devices MP4 is most commonly used to store digital audio and digital video streams Some examples: Screen Size bigger screen size means higher cost Phone manufacturers have started to produce bigger screens as people have began to watch videos and surf the net Sources www.gsmarena.com/glossary www.which.co.uk library.developer.nokia.com Touchscreen or Buttons with buttons the brain doesn't get as confused people with bigger hands prefer buttons Touchscreen often has QWERTY keyboard Buttons can be QWERTY or alphanumeric FM Radio allows you to listen to most live-broadcasted FM radio stations a required wired headset acts as an antenna free Built in Speaker for calls speaker is already in the phone Roam Indicator identifies the roaming status of the device EDGE Enhanced Data for Global Evolution GPRS General Packet Radio Service enables data transfers through networks used for mobile internet and MMS 3 times faster than GPRS NFC Near Field Communication wirelessly transmit data over very short distances similar to Bluetooth but much faster Radio Frequencies Mobile phones and their base stations transmit and receive signals using electromagnetic waves Sound Recording/Voice Memo GPS navigation Global Positioning System used for navigation receives bearings from at least 3 satellites need internet access Video Uses the camera video uses more memory than still photo share videos MP4 file format Upload Videos Edit videos RDS Radio Data System a standard for sending small amounts of data through conventional FM radio broadcasts track/artist info and station identification Personal Digital Assistant ability to connect to the internet portable media player can be used as a mobile phone most are touchscreen syncronisation Ability to watch streaming videos internet connection suitable screen size apps provide live streaming videos good sound quality Video Download YouTube internet connection apps correct file format Dual Line two numbers on the same phone supports two sims useful to those who want to keep their personal and business lives separate Browser allows the user to access Internet sites budget cellphones may be capable of viewing only websites specially made for mobile devices full Flash support internet connection needed Email access emails on the go Apps internet connection Call Waiting/Hold push emails two calls at the same time First caller must be put on hold to make a second call Activate or deactivate call waiting Conference Calling calls are merged onto one line and everyone can hear each other add incoming call to a conference call group of people talking on one line Call Forwarding allows calls made to one number to be forwarded to another specified number redirecting an incoming call Voicemail with Message Alert an SMS notification for a voicemail can be turned on and off Alarm Reminders an alarm can be set to remind you of a certain event attach notes Calculator basic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) some offer more advanced options app convert currency Automatic Call Delivery wiki.cdg.org permits a cell phone to receive incoming calls, even when roaming www.glossarycentral.com save information even without power Hands Free Speakerphone allows you to talk to someone without holding the phone whilst driving or working uses loudspeaker useful Wireless Modem can be in the form of a USB 3G Message Indicator Light Bright Number different indicators for different phones Automatic Redial allows you to easily dial the most recent number usually happens using one or two keys Diallig an emergency number might be answered in a different region 999 can be dialled when phone is locked Barring a Call helps you limit your own spending prevent someone misusing your phone stop certain calls block a certain mobile/telephone number One Touch Dialing or Speed Dialing program a button from the alphanumeric keypad to automatically dial a custom phone number upon a longer press Calendar store information about events meetings or reminders alarm reminder uses memory app Pictures storing pictures uses memory resolution gallery albums downloaded pictures captured using camera Games apps uses sound paid/free download Car phone Charger must be purchased separately businessmen who travel in car a lot home chargers are better Multimedia Options IMAGES .gif .jpg Standard default for graphics on web pages STREAMING AUDIO & VIDEOS .ra.rpm.rm popular cross-platform format for streaming video and audio content on the Internet SOUND .au Format supported by all major browsers www.clearlearning.com Slider can hold a full QWERTY keyboard allows a larger display screen phone may last longer than a flip phone Vulnerable easy locking Flip designed to fit in a small space protection vulnerable at the hinge unique
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